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Over the past couple of years, an unofficial Bangladeshi-American Student Association (BASA) has already been created. A Facebook group chat was created in 2012 by Bangladeshi-American students of the 2018 class of Johns Hopkins. The group chat served as a way for Bangladeshi-American students to find and reach out to one another, as there was no official organization or community that one could join. While the group chat started out small, several members noticed that more and more students were added with each subsequent year. This online community became increasingly active, especially this past year, when incoming Bangladeshi-American freshmen who wanted to join a community that shares an integral part of their identity were connected to this group. Spurred by the strong desire to form an official organization, individuals within this chat collectively decided to apply to be a student group so that this online community can become a real and concrete organization on the Hopkins campus.









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Mashiyat Ahmed
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Bangladeshi American Student Association

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