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Civil and Systems Engineering Graduate Association (CSEGA) (formerly known as CEGA) is a school-funded graduate student organization. The goal of CSEGA is to enhance graduate life at JHU Civil Engineering and provide student representation in the department's functions and activities. CSEGA organizes social and academic events to provide diverse experiences for the JHU Civil Engineering graduate students.  CSEGA Event/Item DescriptionsThe following provides a brief description of the proposed CSEGA functions that were determined by the CSEGA Board at our preliminary meetings. Coffee Hour: This event will be held biweekly every month at 9 AM on a Friday. Coffee grounds and snacks are included in the budget. The goal of coffee hour is to provide a social outlet for graduate students and incentivize people to come to campus on a Friday morning.Happy Hour: This monthly event will be held each month at a specific time that accommodates the majority of graduate students and post-graduates. The objective of Happy Hour is to provide a social gathering. Drinks and snacks are included in the cost estimate.Ice-Breaker: This beginning of the academic year event is intended to ease new incoming graduate students into the department. This event will ideally be a friendly atmosphere in which new graduate students can talk with senior students and faculty about their experiences at Hopkins. This introductory will include various activities such as Frisbee. Drinks and snacks will be provided at this event and are included in the budget.Field/Hiking/City Trip: Two unique recreational events will be held (one in each semester) for graduate students. The nature of these events are undecided but they would either be a field trip to Hershey Park, hiking, or a group city trip. Workshops for research skill improvement: These workshops will focus on skill and knowledge transfer from senior to junior graduate students. The workshops can include MATLAB, LateX, FORTRAN, DQE and GBO preparation, applied math concepts etc. Thesis Defense: The expenses for snacks and drinks are included in the budget.T-Shirts: We will create T-Shirts for the entire graduate department. A T-Shirt design contest may be employed for the design.









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