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The purpose of Hopkins Pen & Paper Gaming Club (HPPG) is as follows: a. To provide a community—an organizational and social infrastructure—for students who are interested in or have played Roleplaying Tabletop Games before. b. To foster a greater understanding and appreciation of Roleplaying Tabletop Games through peer advice, hands-on experience, and workshops. c. To provide a forum for determining what games will be played, when, who will be involved, and where they will take place. d. To provide a meeting place at which gamers, from veterans to novices, can meet each other, discuss ideas, and plan for events, and most importantly play Roleplaying Tabletop Games. e. To provide group members with the essential materials needed to play Roleplaying Tabletop Games, namely paper, pencils, polyhedral dice, mats, and books.









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