JHU GreenGroups 2021

An engagement-based sustainability initiative encouraging the adaptation of sustainable behaviors from the Sustainability Leadership Council's Sustainable Living Guide over a month-long period.

Sustainability & Engagement

JHU GreenGroups encourages Hopkins students to adopt four different behaviors from the Sustainable Living Guide throughout the month, coupled with group discussions about sustainability, registration of participation on HopkinsGroups, and social media engagement.

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Sustainable Living Guide

Review the Sustainability Leadership Council's "SLG" to familiarize yourself with what sustainable behaviors and actions you can begin making here in Baltimore!

Adopt. Discuss. Register. Engage.

  • Each week, students will pick up one behavior from the Sustainable Living Guide and stick with during the week.
  • Your group will meet & engage in sustainability discussions, along with reflecting on everyone's experience

  • Following discussions, complete weekly checklist on HopkinsGroups
  • At the end of the month, you will be challenged to choose 1 of the 4 behaviors to implement into your everyday life!