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About Us

The AstroJays Rocketry Team is a multidisciplinary, student-led team that builds advanced rocket systems with the goal of increasing the number of aerospace engineering opportunities on the Homewood campus.

The AstroJays are composed of 4 subsystems: Avionics, Propulsion, Recovery, and Structures, each of which focus on one aspect of our rockets.
-- Avionics gathers data from a variety of sensors placed within the rocket and on the propulsion system, using its data to determine its flight path, and sending diagnostics back to a ground station. --Propulsion develops and implements commercial and custom propulsion systems. Currently developing a hybrid rocket motor. --Recovery focuses on bringing the rocket back safely -from detecting apogee, to separation, parachute deployment, and ultimately ground recovery of the rocket. --Structures ensures that the rocket is its lightest, while staying aerodynamic and retaining its structural integrity throughout the entire flight (externally and internally).

Working together as a team, these subsystems develop advanced rocket systems. Our team of more than 30 students are all hard at work to make each launch count. Interested undergraduate and graduate students are encouraged to reach out to us at, contact us through Hopkins Groups, or come to one of our scheduled events.

Members Benefits

Joining an engineering club is a fantastic addition to your JHU career. You will work with people from different majors, ages, and backgrounds, and gain hands-on experience in a booming field. For many first-year students, you will be exposed to new material much earlier than you would be in your coursework, and will have the chance to work with and learn from upperclassmen. Additionally, the AstroJays maintains strong connections to its alumni, who have gone on to work at companies such as Blue Origin, SpaceX, and more.


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