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Registered Student Organization (RSO) In-Person Event Planning

RSO Event Planning Fall 2021 - Updated 7/23/21

Registered Student Organization Updates

Registered Student Organizations (RSO) may resume submitting event requests through Hopkins Groups on August 1, 2021. Scheduling & Event Services will begin sending confirmations in August for event requests.

  • Event registrations may change based on the evolving circumstances and guidance at the University, city or state level. Student Leadership and Involvement (hereafter referred to as SLI) staff will contact organizations if changes need to be made to event registrations. For updated information please visit Hopkins Groups website.
  • Students should prioritize the number of attendees in their event requests. Scheduling and Event Services will place organizations in available rooms.

Indoor Events

  • Event space or general pool classroom requests must be submitted 15 business days prior to the event date for events which require any scheduled services (i.e., AV support, table/chair rentals, extra waste receptacles, security, additional staffing or cleaning, special setup, weekend services)
    • 15 business days does not include weekend days
  • The following spaces with a standard fixed setup may be reserved five business days or more prior to the event date if no scheduled services (as outlined above) are needed:
    • Charles Commons MPR Classroom style for 30
    • Wolman MPR Conference Square for 16
    • Conference Room A Conference Square for 16
    • Wolman Theater Theater style for 42
    • Academic classrooms varies based on location
  • Events larger than 50 persons require special approval (please allow extra time to submit your request and obtain approval if over 50)
  • No social distancing required
  • Masking is not required if vaccinated; any persons not vaccinated must wear a face covering at all times while inside
  • Food can only be provided on a grab-n-go basis as attendees leave the event
  • No external hosted events are permitted where a majority of the attendees are non JHU affiliates until after Nov. 1, 2021, however external guests are permitted at events
  • All events must use the Prodensity App or ask standard health screening questions for guests
  • RSOs must utilize Hopkins Groups for RSVPs for attendees and attendance tracking for participants.

Outdoor Events

  • Outdoor space requests must be submitted 15 business days prior to the event date
  • No limit on gathering size however, should be on a space conducive to the number of people attending
  • Masking is not required regardless of vaccination status
  • Social distancing is not required for an event with or without food regardless of vaccination status
  • Alternative rain date should be submitted at the time of initial event request in case of inclement weather. If providing food, only grab and go at the end of event will be permitted if indoor rain location is chosen. (We cannot provide an indoor rain location for most outdoor events that are over 50 people and have food.)
  • An outdoor event with no food depending on the activities and size of the event may hold a rain location if there is a space large enough to accommodate
  • A final weather call must be made four business days prior to the event date. At that time the group must determine if the event will be cancelled or rescheduled to the alternative rain date/location which should already be on hold. (Cancellation of internal services, staffing and rentals must be made in order not to incur cancellation fees. Please be mindful when scheduling directly with outside vendors of any cancellation fees and charges you may be financially responsible for and understand the terms and agreements)
  • No external hosted events are permitted where a majority of the attendees are non JHU affiliates until after Nov. 1, 2021, however external guests are permitted at events
  • All events must use the Prodensity App or ask standard health screening questions for guests.

General Body Meetings

In-person general body meetings will begin no earlier than Sept. 13th. General body meetings will be scheduled as much as possible in academic classroom spaces in the evenings in order to accommodate special events in event spaces. For this reason, we need to allow academic classes and supplemental instruction to be finalized at the start of the semester.

  • On Monday, September, 6th each registered student organization will be permitted to start submitting one monthly in-person general body meeting scheduled on or after Sept. 13th. Any meetings prior to Sept. 13th or needing to occur more frequently than one per month, will need to remain virtual until at least the end of September. Once all groups requesting in-person meetings have been accommodated, we can then allow more frequent in-person meetings as space is available.
  • Each organization will be given up to 90 minutes to meet in person each month. If more space becomes available prior to the end of September, we will allow more frequent in-person general body meetings.

Things to know for fall semester…

  • Shriver Hall Clipper room is being used for testing during day M-F
  • Shriver Hall Board room is offline
  • Mattin Center is no longer available for use – services and spaces have been relocated to other buildings
  • AMR MPR will have flooring installed to be used as a practice space for Arts Program practices in place of Mattin Center SDS
  • Charles Commons spaces have technology/equipment to accommodate hybrid events but KIT-CATS support needs to be scheduled
  • In an effort to accommodate all student organizations, we ask students to be flexible and patient as we work through the start of the semester and any space challenges as a result of space being repurposed and taken offline.

Procedures Updates:

  • Host organizations must require attendees to RSVP in advance for all events whether in-person or virtual. Host organizations and student attendees will have to acknowledge the "risks and liability" associated with participating in all events registered on JHU's campus.
  • All events or meetings open to others must advertise the SDS accommodations statement in their posting – and the RSO host/event organizer is responsible for contacting SDS if an attendee requests services
  • RSOs may utilize a waiting list for events. All students must check into all events via Hopkins Groups. Groups that do not utilize the RSVP function or event check-in function may lose the privilege to host future events.
  • RSOs will need to identify an "Event Coordinator" and designate them as an officer in Hopkins Groups on their respect organization pages. This is listed under the officer position.
    • RSOs can have more than one "Event Coordinator"
    • This person will need to be trained during re-registration. Please identify them as soon as you can.
    • Rooms will not be confirmed until this person is trained.
  • Based on JHU's COVID-19 phases, please refer to the Homewood Arts Program's website for information related to performing arts groups, and the Athletics and Recreational Sports website, or Hopkins Groups for information and updates related to club sports for practices, rehearsals, performances, and competitions.
  • Events at third-party venues are allowed, please refer to the "Off-Campus Social Event/Events with Alcohol" for guidance.

To submit your event request please navigate to your Hopkins Groups organization page and click "Events" > "Create Event". Once you create the event please fill out the entire form, sign at the bottom, and submit. In order to view room availability you will need to navigate to the Scheduling Event Services website to view.

To view your submission progress, please navigate to your home screen on Hopkins Groups, click "My Surveys/Forms" and you will see the status on the right side of the screen.


Off-Campus Social Events/Events with Alcohol

During the 2020-2021 academic year, off-campus party registrations and gatherings of any kind were not permitted in conjunction with the COVID mitigation efforts of both the city of Baltimore and JHU. Campus Safety & Security, in partnership with Student Life and Student Conduct, addressed students who did not comply with said restrictions and held them accountable per our processes.

For fall 2021, Registered Student Organizations (RSO) will be allowed to host events off campus. RSOs can also host social events on campus. In either case, events must be registered and approved via Hopkins Groups and appropriate University staff should be notified.

While we are in the midst of a health crisis, we understand the desire of students to engage socially during their downtime. Our goal for providing the guidance below is to ensure students are adhering to public safety standards and encouraging a community of care for anyone that shares their space. It is critically important that all parties involved – the event host, RSO members, teammates, students, and guests – remain vigilant during this time. The University wants to maintain support for off-campus events, however, it will be important that we work together to maintain a healthy and safe environment for the JHU community.

It is critically important that RSO members and student guests adhere to and abide by all policies set forth in the Off-Campus Party Registration and Safety Policy, the social event registration process and all active local, state, federal, and public health guidelines.

Fall 2021 Expectations (most of which would be required COVID or not):

  • RSO leaders must review and adhere to the Alcohol Provisions for Student Organizations
  • RSO Presidents and all Student Activities Event Coordinators will need to participate in the Social Host Event Training and successfully complete the assessment in order to register and host events with alcohol. (RSOs can have more than one person trained to serve in this role.) Trained Sober Party Monitors will also be in place per usual and as outlined in the policy.
  • RSO social events at off-campus premises must be registered/submitted via Hopkins Groups 10 days in advance.
  • As part of the registration process, the host organization must submit a Harm Reduction Plan. This plan must share what measures the organization are taking to ensure healthy practices to mitigate the negative impact of COVID-19 during this time.
  • This plan should include the following:
    • Cleaning supplies
    • EPA approved disinfection supplies
    • No-touch/foot pedal trash cans
    • No-touch soap/hand sanitizer dispensers
    • Disposable food service items
    • Schedule for increased routine cleaning of surfaces
    • Provide plan to allow for appropriate social distancing before, during, and after the event (e.g., limiting attendance and modifying layouts before the event, allowing for de-densified eating/drinking areas, providing physical barriers during the event,and staggering exit times after the event).
    • Demonstrate existence of multiple entrances and exits that will be used to discourage crowding in waiting areas.
  • Once approved, host organizations will require attendees RSVP through Hopkins Groups in advance. Host organizations and student attendees will have to acknowledge the noted risks and liability section associated with participating in all events registered in private residences or facilities off campus.
  • Social events with alcohol are limited to 50 people at any given time. This number is subject to change based on University or local/state restrictions. All attendees must still adhere to social distancing protocols and public health guidelines as shared.
    • Any gathering of more than 10 would be considered a party requiring registration during this time whether alcohol is present or not, at an off-campus premises.
    • RSOs are permitted to have waitlists as a part of their RSVP process, however, there should never be more than 50 people in a residence at a time.
    • If RSOs wants to host events with a number of attendees above 50, RSO leaders must consult with SLI staff, their respective Category Coordinator, or advisor before the event submission.
  • The number of parties on any given weekend during Fall 2021 will be limited to 15 across all RSO categories.

At the event:

  • Approved attendees must show a Green or Green/Yellow ProDensity pass in order to gain entry.
  • In addition, those approved attendees must check in via Hopkins Groups when they arrive, including hosts and residents of the location.
  • In alignment with JHU communications, host organizations must ask that all unvaccinated attendees wear masks for indoor events. Masks are not required for events outdoors. Host organization will need to confirm with the Community Liaison that they have enough face masks for all potential unvaccinated attendees for their event.
  • If host organizations anticipate food/drink to be consumed indoors, they should make efforts to de-densify areas to allow for distancing to account for any unvaccinated individuals that may attend. (Mirroring JHU approach to de-densified seating for dining in locations like the Annex and dining halls).




  • Serving food during the 2021 fall semester will be allowed during in-person events.
    • Indoor events will be "grab and go" for participants.
    • Outdoor events align with University guidance. Students can serve food without density measures or masking during outside events.

Guests and Third Party Vendors

The University is allowing non-JHU affiliates during in-person gatherings. These guest must be masked indoors regardless of vaccination status.

Digital Media Center

The DMC will be open during the fall 2021 semester, offering a normal pick up options for equipment, use of DMC resources will have regular capacity. Gaming computers, online Discord channel for chat, and workshops and programs to assist in levering technology for your curricular and co-curricular learning.

Student Leadership and Involvement/JHUnions and Programming Offices

SLI and JHUnions has moved to "The Lab" office suite in the Homewood Apartments. SLI, JHUnions, and other Student Life offices, will be operating in a normal fashion during the normal business hours of the school year. The main phone will be answered during this time and students are welcome to call for questions or to speak to staff members. Additionally, staff will be present on-campus for in-person events and trainings. Appointments will be set up either online or in-person. For any mail/package pickups will take place at Levering Hall utilizing regular protocols and will be by walk-in or appointment.

JHUnions Spaces Programming Spaces

While in JHUnions spaces (Levering Lounge, the LaB), current University guidance must followed at all times. JHUnions & Programming Student Monitors will perform regular space checks (inside and outside) to ensure these safety protocols are adhered to.

  • Freshman Quad Annex: 9:00am-Midnight (Mon-Sun)
  • The LaB: 7:00pm-2:00am (M-F), 12:00pm-2:00am (Sat-Sun)SLI/JHUnions Office Hours: 8:30 am – 5:00 pm (Mon – Fri)
    • SLI/JHUnions Office Hours: 8:30 am – 5:00 pm (Mon – Fri)
  • Levering Hall: 9:00am-Midnight (Mon-Sun)
  • Shriver Hall Musical Practice Rooms: 9:00am-10:00pm (M-F), 10:00am-10:00pm (Sat-Sun) Fall 2021 Building Hours (Starting August 23rd)

RSO Tabling

  • Reservations must be submitted through Hopkins Groups.RSOs must utilize Hopkins Groups for purchases and cannot collect funds at the tabling event.
    • RSOs must utilize Hopkins Groups for purchases and cannot collect funds at the tabling event.
    • Students must follow public health and social distancing guidance.

Mural Boards

Mural Boards are permanently offline.

Registered Student Organization Package Delivery & Pick Up

All student organization packages for Homewood campus related activities will be delivered to and picked up from the Levering Hall. Either schedule an appointment or walk-in to retrieve your packages. Please contact JHUnions and programming for package information. Please utilize the registration form (full link included below) to schedule your pick up appointment.