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The Black Student Union of The Johns Hopkins University- the oldest cultural student organization on campus- is comprised of undergraduate and graduate students who are scholars first. We are devoted to ensuring a rich academic experience, both in the classroom and beyond, for students of African descent and for others who embrace an Afrocentric approach to deep social and global engagement across a variety of issues relevant to Black people. The BSU also supports the development of strong leadership skills among its members, so as to ensure that the black populace always moves forward in a strong, informed, positive direction. We are activist academics who are united in our insistence on academic credibility and social justice









Member Benefits

The purpose of the Johns Hopkins University Black Student Union (hereafter referred to as "the BSU") and activities shall be to provide and maintain the best possible conditions in which Black students may receive a complete college education, and which they may acquire important leadership skills for advancing the black population in the nation at large. These activities include the following:

a) Serving as a positive influence in the academic environment of the Johns Hopkins University campus by offering study space, tutoring programs, and planning or participating in academic events.

b) Serving as an organizational base from which the concerns and needs of Black students can be addressed in the most efficient manner possible.

c) Participating in the social and political aspects of the Black community.

d) Provoking awareness of local, national, and international issues of interest to the Black community by disseminating news of interest to the BSU and holding events to discuss these issues.

e) Stimulating Black unity, respect, and self-consciousness by holding social events.

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Joseph Colon Profile

Joseph Colon

Sewell Cooper Profile

Sewell Cooper

Community Service Chair
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Chelsea Thompson

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Nyla Powell

Gnagna Sy Profile

Gnagna Sy

Vice President
Tyshera Mintz Profile

Tyshera Mintz

Events Chair
Yasmine Bolden Profile

Yasmine Bolden

Research, History, and Education Chair
Oluwatoyosi Fowowe Profile

Oluwatoyosi Fowowe

Outreach Chair
Harmony Madu Profile

Harmony Madu

Publicity Chair
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Zyan Baptiste

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Autumn Johnson

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Morolake Ojo

Alumni Relations Chair