Spring 2023 Candidates

Executive Branch


James Yoon

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I am the only CHANGE candidate who is ready to stand up for our students. No more paying for IClickers, No more food poisoning, No more mental health negligence. I will fight for you every day. Give me one chance. Join #TheResistance and Vote for James Yoon!

Campaign Platform:

High Tuition Fees: Implement Student-Led Committee to Review University's Budget.

Academic Resource: Fight to Make IClickers Free.

Food Poisoning: Create Food-Sourcing Policy to provide more transparency to the students.

Ryan Chou

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Hello! My name is Ryan Chou (but Rychu is fine) and I am running for JHU Student Body President this Spring!

I have served as the 2025 Class President (and a Senator) for two years now, and in this time I've had the opportunity to lead the planning of class events, as well as the development and execution of initiatives (internal, admin-facing, and student-body-facing). I've taken steps to improve the transparency of student government, facilitate collaboration with student groups, and improve student life and academics.

As Student Body President (of the Executive branch), I aim to strengthen our capabilities as a representative body, first by improving internal accountability and transparency, then improving and standardizing our relationships with both the student body and administration. This will involve an expansion of appointed members of the Executive branch, expanding the scope of our communications, and a redefining of representative accountability.

Feel free to reach out to me at rchou4@jhu.edu with questions or suggestions, and thank you for voting!!

Clement Adedeji

Hi all! I'm Clement, a junior studying Molecular and Cellular Biology here at Hopkins. I believe I'm qualified to be your next student body president due to previous leadership positions on executive boards at Hopkins and my current status as a member of organizations spanning from cultural to social groups. To provide students with the Hopkins experience they deserve, they need an approachable SGA. They need an SGA with a familiar face – a face that they've seen in their respective clubs or philanthropy events they've attended. To bridge the gap between students, between students and Baltimore, and between students and the SGA, vote for Clement for Executive President.

Nver Saghatelyan

As a Student Body Presidential candidate, I have diverse leadership experience, including founding a premier non-governmental organization that empowers disadvantaged youth by supporting their education at top US universities with over 150 volunteers. We have organized 13 events with more than 4000 attendees. Additionally, I founded an AI-based platform for college admissions consulting that received over $40,000 for launching an MVP. I served as Chief Executive Advisor to the Academician-Secretary of the National Science Academy of the Republic of Armenia, overseeing grant applications worth 250,000 USD for public engagement in science. I also supervised projects in collaboration with two of Armenia's largest youth organizations as Special Advisor to the former Minister of Economy at the Presidential Board of Yerkir Foundation, engaging over 1000 young people. My top priorities are advocating for affordable housing, need-based scholarships for low-income students, and establishing a transparent, equitable funding allocation process for student organizations. Additionally, I aim to promote collaboration with student bodies from other universities and address urgent issues like proper lighting at bus stops, dining options, mental health support, and free printing for all students. Are you tired of ineffective student governments that fail to address basic issues like food concerns? Vote for Nver, who overcame bureaucratic hardships to pave his way from a small village in Armenia to London and now to Johns Hopkins University. My life experiences have equipped me with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to lead the Student Body and make tangible changes. Let's work together to have a strong voice at the table and create real change.

Vice President

Jackson Morris

Plans for next year?

I want to improve the relationship between students, staff, and faculty at JHU. Most ambitious SGA initiatives rely on a level of support from either faculty or staff (ex. staff/faculty DEI training, disability accommodation training) and allowing students to get the most out of Johns Hopkins means giving students direct input on the policies that will most affect us.

To that end, I seek to increase the presence of students (not just in SGA) on major University initiatives such as the search for the next Provost (there is 1 graduating undergraduate and 23 other members) and give students greater communication with the Board of Trustees.

I also want to encourage greater Hopkins-wide engagement. This means giving undergraduates a reason to visit JHU graduate campuses and offering opportunities at each division of the University that appeal to undergraduates. I plan to work together with the governing body organizations of other Hopkins divisions to realize this goal. This is in addition to my role as the SGA representative to CSAC, the inaugural Cross-institutional Student Advisory Committee.


Amy Li

Hello, my name is Amy Li (KSAS '26), and I am excited to be running to be your SGA Executive Branch Secretary! I believe that I am uniquely qualified for this position due to my past and current experience in leadership roles from being a member of my hometown's Mayor Youth Engagement Council and a senator for the Freshman Class. I have learned the importance of collaboration, communication, and accountability, and I am confident that these skills will serve me well as SGA Secretary.

My platform has two primary parts: (1) student life and (2) SGA infrastructure. While continuing traditional secretary duties revolving around internal SGA infrastructure, I hope to also be engaged in student life conservations with the rest of SGA. I will intently listen and meet the needs of the community. These initiatives include maintaining a rapport with Hopkins Dining, strengthening relationships with the counseling center, establishing more social events (e.g., arts and entertainment), and implementing resolutions from previous Senates.

As for the traditional SGA infrastructure, my goals are preserving the legacy of SGA's graduates and creating an SGA that endures past one Senate. To achieve these goals, I will collaborate with the rest of SGA to establish structures to facilitate easier transitions into the SGA roles in all three branches and create efficiency in educating SGA members. Coming into Hopkins and graciously having the opportunity to represent the Freshman Class, I realized how significantly different SGA was from my high school's student government and my hometown's youth council, such as learning Robert's Rules of Order and understanding SGA bylaws. Also, I gradually learned that there are resolutions passed by previous Senators that are not being implemented now, potentially due to the gap between the former and current senators. Thus, to bridge this gap, it would be beneficial to compose strong, official transition documents and host an informative SGA orientation, all striving to maintain institutional memory. Adding clarifications and guidance are important in keeping SGA aligned with its goals and values of representing the student body and preventing violations in checks and balances. I hope to bring these new initiatives to the Secretary platform.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Vote the Blue Jay Way: Amy Li for SGA Secretary!

Milton Diaz

The position would require me to reference the SGA Constitution quite a bit—and according to the SGA Constitution, the SGA Executive Secretary is responsible for:

Creating and maintaining internal SGA infrastructure.

Keep detailed minutes of SGA meetings.

Performing record-keeping in SGA, among other things and tasks.

In simpler terms, the SGA Secretary is sorta like a librarian. They provide access to information through record-keeping and document write-ups. While this work is not the most glamorous and fun, it is essential. For example, how will you be able to locate your favorite books at the library if the librarian doesn't record that information?

SGA heavily lacks centralization in documentation and information. I want to formulate a system to allow for better centralization so that information can be easily found and shared with anyone. It will probably involve some fancy excel sheet with complicated code (which I have experience in doing). Once there is greater centralization of information, information is easier to find and access, allowing for better transparency opportunities. I will collaborate with my SGA colleagues to ensure information about SGA (finances, initiative successes/failures, admin meetings) is properly shared and tracked.

I absolutely love and appreciate transparency for any organization. However, I don't believe merely sharing a document with bullet points of what SGA has done is "transparency," for example. I want to make information about SGA make sense and relevant to the student body: how is SGA influencing policy on campus? What are the pitfalls or shortcomings with initiatives SGA is pushing for? What is the impact of SGA's work? When I write documents, I want to convey and express this information. I especially want to speak in terms of results and impact—because that is what the student body expects of SGA.

I also want to reflect on SGA as an organization. SGA is FAR from perfect, but something admirable is for an organization to take a hard look into the mirror and reflect on how it can improve.

I also want to look into storing more data—qualitative and quantitative—about student opinion. Data is the future, and SGA has done minimal data collection, making it less knowledgeable about particular campus issues. For example, data can be gathered from a survey on how many students have gotten food poisoning as a result of that dehydrated chicken from dining (or whatever food). SGA representatives can present these valuable statistics to school administrators as a way to be more compelling in its push to influence changes on campus. Of course, I would store this data in SGA's records so that future SGA administrations can reference it.

There will be so many opinion and feedback surveys—and I know most Hopkins students have survey fatigue, but with this position, I'll try to push for funding bills to provide cool prizes like shirts, gift cards (boba, honeygrow), or plushies for those who participate in giving feedback.


Sean Li

It is no secret that SGA holds a gap in communication and transparency with the student body, let alone the 450+ student-run clubs. Many constituents have asked questions such as, "What exactly does SGA do?" or "What occurs during the weekly meetings?" On the financial side, members of several clubs have also expressed a desire to know more about how fund allocation is conducted and how they can request additional funding. Some of this miscommunication is, in part, due to a disconnect between SGA and club policies. If elected as student body treasurer, I will seek to work with club leaders, regardless of whether they receive funding from SGA, to direct them on a successful path toward obtaining sufficient funds for their club and providing their members a quality experience. Further, many resources are available for clubs to navigate finance, such as the Registered Student Organization Finance Manual, and I will make sure such resources are known to students. Additionally, I firmly believe that it is of upmost importance to display to the student body what exactly the members of SGA do. For example, I will make clear to club leaders the process SGA goes through in order to allocate funds within the system. Further, in collaboration with other members of SGA, I will lift the veil on many of SGA's general mechanisms such as legislative procedures and branch structure.

Lastly, if elected, I will strive to work with other members of the executive branch to improve engagement of SGA members along with student body members in general body and committee endeavors. This could involve streamlining meeting procedures to prevent students from getting overwhelmed, as well as partitioning meetings into subgroups with similar interests in addition to the existing caucuses and committees. Additionally, reports from caucuses and committees can be delivered in an alternative format such as by a weekly written summary rather than verbal reports. This would improve both efficiency and engagement of members and the public who may only have interest in a few specific committees. Further, I would want to promote joint collaboration between other schools of Johns Hopkins like the Peabody Institute to improve inter-school engagemen

Jenny Chen

Hello, my name is Jenny and I'm a junior majoring in Economics and International Studies. I'm from Ellicott City, MD. A fun fact about me is that I'm really scared of monkeys. I've been on SGA and the Finance Committee for the last 3 years. Outside of that, I intern at the Office of the Public Defender, do research at the Institute for Applied Economics, Global Health, and Study of Business Enterprise, and have had a few summer finance internships.

My campaign platform

Having served on the Finance Committee for the last 3 years, these are the 3 key issues that I've noticed.

First, requests are often automatically rejected due to missing information, given in the wrong format, etc. In order to remedy this, I plan to hold optional workshops at the beginning of each semester that'll walk orgs through the process of submitting a budget/event request and provide an overview of the SAC guidelines and any important changes/updates made to it since. Additionally, I'll hold weekly, in-person office hours at the LaB, along with office hours on an appointment-basis through ZOOM to troubleshoot any issues clubs might encounter. Lastly, I plan to send out more consistent announcements throughout the semester to ensure orgs are aware of any updates, important deadlines, etc.

Second, it takes a long time for requests to be reviewed and responded to. I plan to establish a new liaison program within the finance committee that'll assign members of the finance committee to specific organizations, in which they'll act as the point of contact for any issues related to their semesterly allocation, monthly event requests, etc. If organizations don't get a response within 5 days, the org can escalate the request to either the Finance Chair or the Treasurer.

Third, a lot of orgs want to hold large-scale events, but have a limited budget. Not many orgs are aware of this, but if you're interested in throwing a large event but lack the funding, you can actually collaborate with SGA which means you have access to your budget. This year we were able to give nearly 2k to IAC and 4k to ASA. Next year, I hope to streamline the process a bit more by creating a form in which orgs can apply to collaborate with SGA, and it'll be reviewed by the Finance Committee, and members will help draft and write the funding bill to be presented to the Senate.

Furthermore, as a part of the executive board, I want to increase SGA interactions with the Student Body. I'll aim to have weekly roundups of what members of SGA are doing to be posted on our social media, more frequent takeovers to show what being an SGA member entails, and more presence at school-wide events such as SIF. Additionally, I potentially want to set up "Lunch/Dinner with the Exec Board", which will be a monthly event that'll allow members of the Student Body to talk to exec board members about any pressing issues they've encountered, and for those issues to be shared with the Senate, who will hopefully work with students and admin to develop solutions for

Chair of Programming

Shalala Leny

Increasing opportunities for students to have fun and exciting on and off-campus experiences

To further support our cultural groups by holding monthly meetings to directly gauge what our student groups need to represent themselves and enhance campus life. I will also supply ideas for events and provide ways that student organizations can make their events more green and sustainable.

I want to plan events that are accessible to all students especially those with disabilities by making sure proper seating and entrances are available and having a direct way for students can ask for accommodations at events.

I hope to liaise with the Dean of Student Life and other administration to provide direct input on what students want to see in school-provided events.

I have a lot of event ideas I would like to implement like a class-wide field day, more class-wide parties more often, ballrooms, rage rooms, bonfires, mixers, and more. I will have office hours where you can speak directly to me about what you want to see on campus. And more free food!

Lastly, I want to ensure diversity has a place to thrive at Hopkins. I understand the need for LGBT and Queer BIPOC spaces on campus and hope to collaborate with other groups to host more pride events and bring ballroom culture to campus. With the new bill SGA has passed, I want to plan events that are accessible to all students, especially those with disabilities by making sure proper seating and entrances are available and having a direct way for students can ask for accommodations at events.

I am hardworking and have first-hand experience in planning events in SGA for the past two years. I am passionate about making campus life exciting and engaging for everyone. Let's make JHU better together!

Alisa (Alice) Fedotova

My slogan is: study hard-party hard. Maybe the phrase is overused, but I think it's very necessary to remind students to take breaks and enjoy themselves in those weeks between midterms to prevent burnout. I want to focus on balancing professional and entertainment events.

First, I will focus on bringing the opportunity for more cultures to show their traditions, food, and entertainment. I hope to host more cultural festivals and Pot Lucks (because who doesn't love good food?) and give a chance for all cultures to share their background with the rest of the student body.

Second, I will focus on developing student-alumni relationships. I hope to facilitate more alumni events that will be divided into major-specific events, as well as school-wide events. I hope to help students be as prepared as possible for the professional world.

Third, it is a well-known fact that there is a lack of communication between students and the administration. I hope to launch a panel event with the administrators, so the students can have a direct line of communication and express their concerns. SGA will always serve as your liaison, but there are issues that students want to address directly, and I want to provide them with a chance to do that.

Lastly, I will make sure that the campus is fun and engaging. I will plan events such as picnics, trips to Inner Harbor and restaurants, campfires, giveaways, drag shows, game nights, and festivals. No matter how big or how small, I will make sure that student ideas are executed.

The Hopkins Student Organization for Programming

President and Vice President

Meggie Li - President

Shreya Joshi - Vice President

My name is Shreya, and I am excited to run for HOP Vice President! I am a sophomore double majoring in computer science and cognitive science originally from Princeton, New Jersey.

In the past two years, I have served as the HOP External Relations Chair and the Daytime Events Chair. You might have seen me at these events: Dorm Decorations, Levering Hall-O­ Ween, Vinyls, the HOP Crewneck Giveaway, and more! I work behind-the-scenes with HOP members to plan memorable experiences and exciting food/merch giveaways such as iHOP pancakes, ice cream sundaes, and Picnic Day (food trucks, catering, & games)!

Plans for the upcoming year:

-)i.• Continue providing engaging experiences through social programming

-)i. Foster collaborations with and support student orgs, faculty, staff, alumni, & local B'more businesses through events like Hoptoberfest, Spring Fair, & Culture Fest

-)i. Develop system to incorporate student feedback

Legislative Branch

Academic Senators

Timothy Huang - KSAS

Ideal for large and small organisations

Don't vote on a whim, VOTE FOR TIM! The Smartest Vote for KSAS Senator. My main platform goals are to increase academic support for students in the Kreiger School of Arts and Sciences. I will do this in three ways.

First, I will formalize the 'Meet the Majors' Event, such that people can connect with peers, get in touch with professors and advisors, and learn more about all the academic possibility available at Hopkins. Second, I will create the Peer Forum: A place where people can share information about their experiences at Hopkins, specifically about class scheduling, resources at Hopkins, and more. Lastly, I will standardize the First Year Seminars and Reintroduction to Writing Classes so that First Year Seminars can become the true bridge needed for new students connecting to college, and Reintroduction to Writing can become a useful writing class that can transfer skills for later courses.

Feel free to contact me for further information about my policies. I will always be advocating for more academic opportunities for Hopkins Students!

Viveka Chinnasamy - KSAS

Hi everyone! I'm Viv, and I'm a current sophomore majoring in Public Health and Psychology. I'm currently Chief of the PreDoctoral program in the JHH Department of Neurology, and I do research on epilepsy at KKI! In my free time, I like learning new languages and watching thriller/drama shows (if you haven't seen YOU on Netflix you should)! If elected as a KSAS Academic Senator, I look forward to increasing student body involvement in SGA resolutions while ensuring that raised concerns are listened to and acted on by the student government.

Gabriel Granados - KSAS

Instagram @g.granados.ksas

Jaden Garcia

Michael Phan

Michael Phan is an undgraduate student and a candidate for KSAS academic senator. Since coming to Hopkins, he has noticed that the relationships between the University and the community are tense. As a member of MEDlife, and Hopkins Against Homelessness, Michael wants to work to improve the relationship between the school and the community through public college fairs. As a student, Michael understands the need for higher education and believes that through college fairs, students can interact with the Baltimore community to encourage higher education. He is also aware of the financial difficulties that students have to face. Michael believes that no student should have to break the bank to attain the necessary materials to succeed in college. As a result, he has specific ideas and issues that he would like to bring to the table. He believes that all of this can be done if people are on the same page, and is willing to work with others in the SGA (Leon Ye, Alan Perez, etc.)

Issues on hand:

- Housing accomdations (priority, reservation, etc.)

- Food (diversity, health, taste, price tags in Charles Market)

- Financial support (ACHIEVE, Lab manuals, goggles)

- PILOT (time slots, subjects)

- Academic policies

* showing grades to see how we are doing

* class feedback (statistics on how students typically do in the class, what to focus on, hard units, pre-requisites)

Future events to implement

- College fair (students from Baltimore high schools, tour/visit/immerse in the college experience)

- Hop-lympics (during orientation freshman can show dorm pride and work among each other to compete in several events)

- Bringing back JHU love-birds

Arjun Modi

Dear fellow Krieger School of Arts and Sciences undergraduates,

I am thrilled to announce my candidacy for the position of Class Senator. As a member of this

community, I am committed to making our college experience the best it can be. One of my

primary goals as your Senator is to improve the major advising process (it can be very hit or

miss as I'm sure most of you know) and make course registration much, much less hectic.

I believe that major advising is one of the most important aspects of a student's academic

journey. It's important that students are able to receive guidance from knowledgeable advisors

who can help them navigate the complex requirements of their major. As your Senator, I will

work closely with the faculty and administration to ensure that every student has access to

high-quality advising services. I will advocate to ensure that advisors have the time and capacity

to meet with students more frequently.

In addition to improving the advising process, I will also work to make course registration

smoother and more accessible for all students. Course registration can be a stressful and

confusing time for many students, particularly for those who are trying to juggle multiple

priorities. As your Senator, I will work to streamline the course registration process and make it

more user-friendly. I will advocate for better online registration tools and resources, and work to

ensure that students have access to the information they need to make informed decisions

about their courses.

Finally, I believe that it's important to build a strong sense of community within the Krieger

School of Arts and Sciences. As your Senator, I will work to promote opportunities for students

to connect with one another and with faculty members. I will advocate for more social and

cultural events, as well as academic and professional development opportunities that will help

prepare students for life after graduation.

I am excited about the opportunity to serve as your Class Senator. I hope that you will consider

voting for me and giving me a chance to make a difference.

Danial Nabizadeh - KSAS

My name is Danial Nabizadeh, and, put simply, I want to make this campus more environmentally friendly and make sustainability more accessible to everyone! With water shortages expected to impact large swaths of the world, and with ever-increasing pollution and global warming, NOW is time to act! Are you willing to take on this challenge with me?

Sri Jayanth Rangarajan - WSE

Omar Gharib - WSE

Hello, fellow engineering students!

As a candidate for the Whiting School of Engineering undergraduate class senator, I am

excited to share my campaign platform with you. My main priority is to make course

registration much smoother for all engineering students. This is a major issue that affects all of

us and I believe we can make a difference together.

Firstly, I plan to work closely with the Office of the Registrar to improve the course registration

system. I will ensure that the system is user-friendly and efficient, so that students can easily

find the courses they need and register for them in a timely manner. I will also work to increase

the number of seats available in popular courses, and to expand course offerings in highdemand areas.

Secondly, I want to address the issue of computer science course availability. I believe

that all engineering students should have access to all computer science classes, regardless of

their major. Computer science is a vital part of modern engineering and it is essential that all

students have the opportunity to develop these skills. To achieve this, I will work with the

computer science department to increase the number of seats available in their courses and to

make sure that these courses are open to all engineering students.

Additionally, I want to foster a more inclusive and diverse community within the Whiting School

of Engineering. This means creating more opportunities for underrepresented groups to get

involved in engineering, and providing support and resources to ensure that they succeed. I will

work with student groups and organizations to promote diversity and inclusion, and to make

sure that everyone feels welcome in the engineering community.

Finally, I will work to enhance communication between students and faculty, and to

create more opportunities for student feedback. I believe that student input is essential to

improving the engineering curriculum and ensuring that it meets the needs of students. I will

work to create more channels for student feedback and to make sure that this feedback is

taken into account when making decisions about the engineering program.

Thank you for considering me as your candidate for the Whiting School of Engineering

undergraduate class senator. Together, we can make a difference and create a better

engineering experience for all students.

Angela Sadlowski - WSE

Class Councils

Senior Class Council

  • Shayan Hossain - Senior Class Council C/O 2024 President
  • Hello everyone! I'm Shayan, and I'm running to be your Senior Class President. To keep it brief and straightforward, the primary goal I would like to emphasize as president next year is to ensure that we finish our senior year with a bang, academically and especially socially. This means organizing more social events, increasing club involvement, and giving more attention to Greek life. These are three crucial aspects that shape the Hopkins experience for many, including myself. Put your vote and trust with me and I'll make sure our senior year is unforgettable.
  • Rachel Huang - Senior Class Council C/O 2024 President
  • Hi! My name is Rachel Huang and I'm running for Senior Class President. As the chair of the Health, Safety, and Sustainability committee and a Junior Class Senator, I have led numerous initiatives. I wrote the mental health day survey and resolution, formed an (unofficial) International Students caucus, and collaborated with over 20 student organizations and departments on various events! As your Senior Class President, I plan to provide additional mental health resources during finals season, introduce sustainability training for student organizations and above all, make your senior year unforgettable!
  • Kelley Huang - Senior Class Council C/O 2024 Member
  • Mufasa Cruz Moreno - Senior Class Council C/O 2024 Member

Junior Class Council

  • Resham Talwar - Junior Class Council C/O 2025 - President
    • Hi, I am Resham Talwar, a student in the Class of 2025 double majoring in Biomedical Engineering and Computer Science. I am an international student from New Delhi, India and have been actively engaged with the Student Government Association and our class senators since the beginning of my time at Hopkins in various capacities.
    • My SGA journey started with being in the Office of the Class President as the Officer for Student-Alum Relations. From coordinating with different Hopkins offices on various upcoming career-oriented events to planning opportunities for students to network, chat with alumni from different walks of life, and ensuring students had access to information, working on this aspect of student life I was most passionate about was incredibly rewarding.
    • I was then appointed as a senator by our class council members keeping in mind all the wonderful ideas I had in order to bring positive change to our student community. As a senator, I contributed positively to the Student Services and Finance committees, and also acted as a Liasion for International Students. I also helped organize the Sophomore Garden Party and other Sophomore class events, along with sponsoring bills pertaining to different pivotal causes. I contributed towards making Residential Life, Housing (on and off campus), access to resources and opportunities, and Library experience more student-centric by bringing new ideas to the table and ensuring we were on the right track to implement them.
    • We are presently also working on surveying students as to how they would like to be communicated about student resources and opportunities and what networking events would they like to see- please be sure to fill out our survey in your inboxes soon. Feel free to approach me via any official or unofficial communication channels, and I look forward to hearing your grievances, suggestions, and ideas.
    • Outside of SGA, I am also the Director of Research with the JH- Alternative Protein Project and have connected students to different faculty with similar research interests, along with coordinating lab training efforts and coordination between student groups. I was the Finance Manager with JH-NewsLetter last semester, and this semester as the Finance Chair I helped onboard our Finance Team (safe to say I know the ins and outs of Hopkins Groups, invoicing, funding requests for different groups, etc.) and as an IAC representative in HSC, I am passionate about ensuring diversity and representation in all our
    • initiatives- much of my work as a Senator so far has revolved around this. Bridging gaps between different groups and people, and bringing them together for a mutually advantageous union brings me immense joy, and I hope that as the Class President for the Class of 2025, I can be a resource for you and help further the causes that you are most passionate about. Elated about being your voice!
  • Brandon Benjamin
  • Molly Kuzma
  • Divine Madubike
    • Advocate and promote the need for self-care initiatives for our student class.
    • Construct stronger class traditions to foster camaraderie amongst Hopkins students. Increase the volume of student-led events on campus spaces like the glass pavilion.
    • Improve the community connection between Hopkins and Baltimore by inviting high school students to campus for an immersive experience. Selected students will have an opportunity to engage in a conference and emerge themselves in the academic experience. https://youtube.com/shorts/k15AcLewbMo?feature=shares

Sophomore Class Council

Stone Meng - Sophomore Class Council President

  • Adithyan Neelamana - Sophomore Class Council C/O 2026 - Member
  • Alan Perez - Sophomore Class Council C/O 2026 - Member
  • I'm a freshman studying Public Health and I look forward to being a doctor and a public speaker! I am running for Class Council Senator & my goal is to bring more convenience to as many students possible! To not only the sophomore class, but to as many people possible in this school because honestly we're all in this together against the amount of work this school gives us.
  • What I Will Do: Shuttles to BWI (Before and After Break time)
  • Why?: This is a must for not only the Sophomore class, but for the entirety of Hopkins. A good percentage of us have to use the airport to travel home one day, and there needs to be a shuttle line that will take students to BWI. After Hopkins exhausts every last part of our soul before a break, we shouldn't pay to go home! It just isn't fair and it is do-able to fix with the money this university has.
  • What I Will Do: Longer Hours of Hopkins Night Shuttles (especially weekends)
  • Why?: It's obvious that people party and it's good to have fun, but also there should be some safety concerns that Hopkins can help fix. It is not safe at all for people to walk back so late to their dorms In the streets of Baltimore.
  • What I Will Do: FYM Program: (2 people as Mentors)
  • Why?: It get's awkward sometimes! But that's okay it's perfectly natural, but what matters the most is that people will have a memorable time, and will have the resources they need to move forward to Hopkins. This benefits both sides, the mentor and mentoree. Bringing two people to do one FYM will be much less awkward for them, and friends can do it together!
  • What I Will Do: Private Religious Space for Prayer
  • Why?: There is a place to talk in Brody and that is a gorgeous idea, but there should also be a place to pray. This will be optional for people to do and it may not only serve as a private religious space, but also places as a meditation room that will be monitored for purposes to maintain cleanliness and to make people relaxed when they're all around stress.
  • What I Will Do: Putting more attention/pressure to SDS Housing Management for improvement
  • Why?: They did a very poor job this year overall. Of course there are outliers of people having it go their way, but the ratio of what went right compared to what went wrong is not the best. There needs to be more attention and pressure to the actions of the admin that runs this for the following years. It is something Hopkins desperately needs and it shouldn't be an issue in the first place. I will make sure that they have work to do rather than being highly disorganized. That is what it seemed like they were doing for this years rotation.
  • What I Will Do: More Installations of Fans around Brody Learning Commons
  • Why?: It desperately needs it, especially for this Spring when it is warm. Places such as Brody A level get crowded and usually the fans are needed to be on, this is something that will be very useful for Spring and when we're back. We all know how hot it gets inside Brody when it is warm outside. It's sometimes unbearable.
  • Thank you so much for voting overall and I hope to be your representative! I will bring more convenience to Hopkins! I hope to be your voice and to make sure that admin gets what we're trying to say. Thank you and take care.
  • Please make sure to drink water too.
  • Oluwakemi Abiodun - Sophomore Class Council C/O 2026 - Member
  • "Vote Oluwakemi Abiodun: A Proven Leader for a Brighter Future!"
  • I am Oluwakemi Abiodun. The candidate who will fight tirelessly to improve the lives of the people she serves.
  • I am a clear choice for Senator because I have proven leadership skills, dedication to public service, and a passion for making a difference. As a re-running candidate, I achieved a plethora of things. Bettering funding for cultural clubs, cleaner utensils in our dining areas, and even directly being a liaison to ResLife and Housing administration is only the beginning of the work I have done for our illustrious Class of 2026. Vote
  • As a Senator, I will work to strengthen our communities, improve diversity and inclusion in education, and promote a captivating environment.
  • I am not just a candidate for Senator, I am a true leader who will work tirelessly to make a positive impact on the lives of the people I serve. I am dedicated, passionate, and committed to making our university a better place to live, work, and mature.
  • So, if you want a Senator to fight for you and your community, vote for Oluwakemi Abiodun. The proven leader we need for a brighter future!
  • Shruti Tyagi - Sophomore Class Council C/O 2026 - Member
    • Shruti Tyagi is a candidate re-running for the Student Government Association to become a Sophomore Class Legislative Senator. Shruti currently serves as a Freshman Class Senator and is a member of the Health, Safety, and Sustainability committee and Student Organizations committee. As a Senator, she has organized major events including the Fall "Barbecue in the Autumn Hue" and the Spring "Blue Jay Soiree" Masquerade/Formal. Additionally, Shruti has organized HSS events to promote mental health on campus including Wellness Day tabling events, collaborations with SARU and the Alternative Protein Project, and recently met with admin to discuss an event involving animal therapy during finals. As a member of the Student Orgs committee, Shruti reviewed the re-registration and new RSO applications of several student groups on campus. She has met with administration in housing and dining to discuss student concerns, including advocating for one-use toilet seat covers in AMRs I and II and lifting ID visiting hour restrictions. She is currently working on a survey to put out to the freshman class to vote on new ID visiting hour times. Furthermore, Shruti is working with the rest of the council to send out a bill to make Achieve and iClicker free for students.
    • As part of her re-election campaign, Shruti plans to collaborate more with on-campus groups to continue supporting cross-organization events, including cultural groups, sustainability organizations, fraternities and sororities, and more. Shruti also plans to increase transparency of the 2026 SGA by increasing regular updates via Instagram and semesterly review emails. She plans to continue meetings with housing and dining to address student concerns regarding food poisoning, covering more class resources, and advocating for the concerns that students continue to bring up. She looks forward to serving the Class of 2026 if given the opportunity! Her platform can be found at @senatorshruti on Instagram.
  • Srigouri Oruganty - Sophomore Class Council C/O 2026 - Member
    • Hi Blue Jays! I'm Srigouri Oruganty and I am so excited to be running for 2026 class senator! I am a MolCellBio and Public Health major and an avid fan of boba! I am committed to making sure your voice is heard and you enjoy your Hopkins experience. Here are some key issues for my campaign
    • Mental Health
    • Recorded Guided Meditation Sessions
    • Expand Tillie Tuesdays
    • Sanitation
    • Toilet Seat Covers
    • Trash cans in toilet stalls
    • Dining
    • Proper labeling
    • Fully cooked food
    • Clean utensils
    • Study support

Caucus Representatives

Hailey Tomlinson - Women and Gender Minority Caucus

RSO Category Student Leaders

  • Dalhart Dobbs - FSL
  • Nasreen Naqvi - Religious & Spiritual Life
  • Wassim Bouhsane - Civic Engagement & Service
  • Stacey Tang - Civic Engagement & Service
    • As Hopkins students, we are fortunate to call Baltimore our home during our time here. I have had the privilege of venturing beyond campus boundaries and engaging in the vibrant community that surrounds us. Through programs at the Center for Social Concern and other opportunities at Hopkins, I have come to appreciate the importance of civic engagement and service for both personal growth and community development, and want to encourage all students to explore these opportunities as well.
    • I believe that supporting the work of our civic engagement and volunteer clubs is essential to fostering meaningful experiences for both students and community members. Organizations like Tutorial Project, Baltimore First, and Hopkins Community Connection offer incredible opportunities for students to make a positive impact on our city and often serve as some of the most memorable experiences students have at Hopkins. As a student leader at the Center for Social Concern, I am committed to leveraging my networks to promote civic engagement and service learning opportunities that are both impactful and intentional. It's important to me that we build strong partnerships with community organizations and engage in service in a way that is respectful and mutually beneficial and also aligns with the goals and missions of existing centers such as the Center for Social Concern and SNF Agora Institute.
    • I am proud to be a part of several Civic Engagement and Service organizations, including Baltimore First (Corner Team, Cornerstone Community Housing, St. Francis Neighborhood Center), Hopkins Community Connection, Community Impact Internship Program (Thread, Healthcare for the Homeless), In Community Internship Program (Hampden Family Center), JH Health Education and Training Corps, and Baltimore CONNECT (Mental Health Sub-committee).
  • Leon Ye - Performance and Visual Arts
  • "Leon Ye is a freshman at the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences, pursuing a double major in Molecular and Cellular Biology and Psychology. As the treasurer of JHU's Breaking Crew, he understands the importance of acknowledging JHU's place in the larger Baltimore community and recognizes that the Hopkins Bubble can sometimes create a sense of separation between the university and the wider community. With a deep commitment to breaking down this barrier, Leon aims to foster stronger connections between JHU students and the performers of Baltimore. As a candidate for performance and visual arts senator, he hopes to bring his passion for the arts to his role and advocate for greater support and recognition of the arts on campus. By doing so, he hopes to create mutually beneficial relationships that will allow students to grow and learn from Baltimore's vibrant arts community while also giving back to the city."
  • Issues to be addressed:
  • "At present, there is a significant obstacle preventing outside dancers or performers from practicing with JHU students, which hinders the natural exchange of ideas and experiences. One potential solution to this issue is to distribute temporary passes to members of the community, enabling them to come and teach. This approach has the potential to benefit both sides significantly."
  • "In recognizing that the Hopkins Bubble extends beyond just one school in the Baltimore area, an inter-university performing and visual arts council that incorporates other schools can help us better achieve our goal of connecting the university experience with the wider community. Through this collaborative effort, we can foster stronger relationships and create meaningful opportunities for students to engage with and learn from the vibrant arts community in Baltimore."
  • "To improve funding and support for arts groups on campus, I plan to increase communication and collaboration between these groups and the funding office. It's evident that there is often a lack of communication and understanding during the budgeting process, which can lead to dissatisfaction with the amount of funding received. To address this, I will establish regular check-ins and create open channels of communication between arts groups and the funding office, fostering transparency and improving the funding process. By doing so, we can work towards a more equitable and mutually beneficial funding process that supports the needs of all arts groups on campus."
  • "While I am running for the position of performance and visual arts senator, my commitment is to enhance the overall college experience for students in the Johns Hopkins system and the wider Baltimore community. This includes addressing issues not only related to the arts, but also academic and financial policies that affect students' well-being. By taking a holistic approach, I hope to bring positive change and make a meaningful impact for all members of the community."

Class Councils (Programming)

Senior Class Council (C/O 2024)

Junior Class Council (C/O 2025)

Sophomore Class Council (C/O 2026)