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Registered Student Organization (RSO) In-Person Event Planning

RSO Event Planning Spring 2021 - Updated 3/12/21

Registered Student Organization Updates

Thank you all for your flexibility during this time. The University has updated its guidance and will continue to evaluate its density requirements for the remainder of the semester. As the density numbers change throughout the semester, SLI Consultants will work with affected RSOs to adjust their events. Below you will find a number of updates impacting RSO operations for the remainder of the semester.

• In-Person Inside 10 people, Outside 25 people

  • Please refer to our previous communication or the RSO Event Planning site for general in-person event guidance.
  • Pre-Packaged Food is only allowed for “Grab and Go” tabling outside. No food is allowed for in-person indoor events. – NEW
    • Please refer to the RSO Tabling Policy and Guidelines for additional information. Food should not be served as a part of an outdoor event or unless reserved as a tabling event.

• Outdoor events

  • Max of 25 people per event - NEW
  • Time Shifts for RSO indoor/outdoor events are not allowed - NEW
  • For outdoor events “Quads” will need to be reserved in advance through Hopkins Groups.
    • Participants must RSVP in advance and event organizers must check-in and check-out participants.
    • All COVID-19 Event Registration Guidelines are still in effect for outdoor events
    • Events in-person must still have an identified Student Activities Event Coordinator at the time of submission.
  • Outdoor in person participation allowed under the university guidelines.
    • Face masks are required.
    • Social distancing is required.
    • Green ProDesity standing required.
      • If the shows red or yellow the participant will be asked to leave.
    • Please remember that even outside it is expected that students are adhering to public health guidance. Students should not be gathering closer than six feet apart.

Registered Student Organization Tabling Policy and Guidelines

  • Must be a Registered Student Organization (RSO).
  • The table must be manned the entire time by a RSO representative.
  • Cannot be used for any other purpose other than purpose given at time of reservation.
  • Cannot reserve more than one table at any location.
  • Cannot be used to promote events or organizations external to JHU.
  • Cannot obstruct foot traffic or raise safety concerns.
  • If electricity is required and available, it is the reserving organization is financially responsible for any resulting costs.
  • Tabling is limited to Levering Courtyard, Mattin Center Courtyard, and the Breezeway
  • Breezeway is limited to RSOs, with the exception of Health and Wellness.
  • Tabling for Fundraising:
    • Are subject to the University’s Fundraising Guidelines.
    • Cashboxes are available to student organization’s use from JHUnions & Campus Programs.
    • Funds can be collected via Cash, Checks, J-Cash, Hopkins Groups, or Alumni Relations. RSOs cannot utilize other means to collect funds (i.e. Venmo, Cashapp, Paypal, etc.)
    • Students are required to deposit cash and checks to Student Leadership and Involvement at the end of the reservation at either Levering Hall monitor or Mattin Center monitor. See Cash Handling Procedures.
    • Only one type of fundraising (i.e. Boba Tea) may be done at any location at a time.
  • Regardless of tabling purpose, all are organizations are required to adhere to the following:
    • Marketing or Tabling materials cannot contain material that:
      • is pornographic
      • harasses any individual or group on the basis of race, gender, national origin, religion or sexual orientation
      • contains a message of hate or a threat of violence
      • promotes hate speech or events
      • promotes free alcohol
      • promotes unhealthy alcohol practices (e.g., drinking games)
      • or, otherwise violates University policy

RSO Tabling COVID-19 Restrictions

  • Reservations must be submitted through Hopkins Groups.
    • Participants must RSVP in advance and event organizers must check-in and check-out participants once they pick up materials.
    • Submitter must create “Time Slots” for pick up.
    • Each time slot can only register a total of 60 people per hour. (If the outdoor capacity increases or decreases, SLI Student Consultants will notify the event submitter and make adjustments accordingly.
    • RSO must utilize ground markers to ensure social distancing for participants. Material are available at Student Leadership Involvement (Mattin 131). Please schedule a time to pick up materials as needed. Materials are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Reservations are limited to 2 hours with one hour between reservations.
  • Only one person may man the table at a time.
  • Grab and Go items only; Pre-Packaged food items are allowed for Tabling Events.
    • DIY meal kits/supplies can be purchased and must be pre-packaged and purchased online prior to pick-up.
    • RSOs must utilize Hopkins Groups for purchases and cannot collect funds at the tabling event.
    • Students must follow public health and social distancing policies.

Mural Boards

  • Mural Boards will be offline for the remainder of the 2021 spring semester for RSOs.

Registered Student Organization Allocations 2021 – 2022

  • Budget submissions will be released for SGA, DOSL, CSC and Sports Club organizations next week. To access the budget submissions please navigate to your group page click on Money>Budgeting and select the appropriate budget from the drop down menu.
  • All groups will need to utilize this Budget Template when submitting their allocation request.
  • SGA and Sports Clubs budget submissions will be released on March 15, 2021 and are due on April 1, 2021.
  • DOSL and CSC RSOs budget submissions will be released on March 22, 2021 and are due on April 9, 2021

Note: The Student Government Association has changed their allocation from annually too bi-annually. This means groups will only be submitting for their events and activities occurring during the fall semester. RSOs that receive their money from the SGA will need to submit a new budget during the fall semester for the spring 2022 semester’s activities. Please refer to the Student Activities Commission Guidelines for additional information.

Prizes and Cash Incentives

  • As a reminder, RSOs are no longer able to utilize gift cards as incentives. RSOs must utilize “cash” or “non-cash”. Of note, for students that win “cash” prizes, they will need to fill out the “PaymentWorks” form. RSO leaders please inform your participant winners that they will receive a notification from “PaymentWorks” in order to retrieve their prize.

Student Leadership and Involvement Student Consultant Meetings

Students can now meet with the Student Leadership and Involvement Consultants, who are the student staff members supporting all SLI efforts. SLI Consultants are well versed in all parts of SLI including student organization support, RSO finances, leadership programs, RSO printing services, and fraternity and sorority life.

Students can select a 15-minute time slot to connect with an SLI Consultant. Meetings will take place in the most open areas of the Mattin Center, Suite 131 and will require that you check-in and check-out.

Be sure to share as many details as you can about your visit so we can support you and your needs. If you have questions about the signup process or want to connect with someone via email, please contact SLandI@jhu.edu.

Registered Student Organization Package Delivery & Pick Up

All student organization packages for Homewood campus related activities will be delivered to and picked up from the Mattin Center (Ross Jones North building). Pick ups are by appointment only (no walk-ins) and must be scheduled 48 hours in advance. Please utilize the registration form (full link included below) to schedule your pick up appointment. Packages can be picked up at the following days/times:

• Tuesdays 1:00-4:00pm

• Thursdays 9:00am-12:00pm

• Sunday: 12:30-3:30pm


When your package arrives, you will receive a notification in your Hopkins Groups purchase request workflow instructing you to pick up the package. Do not sign up for a package pick up until you receive verification it has arrived through Hopkins Groups unless otherwise instructed. You will have three weeks to pick up your package.

Please note that student organizations will be responsibile for distributing their own event giveaways or prizes to students who live in the Baltimore area; giveaway/prize recipients for student organization events may not pick up their items at the Mattin Center unless otherwise instructed by JHUnions & Programming or Student Leadership & Involvement Staff.

On the day of your scheduled pick up, please adhere to the following guidelines:

• Wear a mask and maintain a distance of six feet at all times.

• Bring your JHU Student ID (JCARD).

• Arrive on time.

• Only one representative from each student organization is allowed in the building to retrieve a package(s) at a time. If you are expecting multiple packages that require multiple people, please coordinate with your group members so only one member is inside the building at one time.

Failure to pick up your package in the allotted timeframe and/or adhere to the safety/social distancing guidelines during package pickups may result in the loss of package pick up privileges or the repurposing of your package.

With the University's announcement of undergraduate students returning to campus and the campus moving to Phase 2 for the spring semester, it is important to provide guidance for Registered Student Organizations (hereafter referred to as RSO) as they plan for some level of in-person engagement with their organization members and other students on the Homewood campus. The processes, policy adjustments, and considerations outlined below are the culmination of a collaborative working group that included student and staff stakeholders. The purpose of this page is to provide student organization leaders with the most up-to-date guidance based on current federal, state, and local laws, as well as, JHU public health guidance.

Meetings/Events (Centralized Submission and Evaluation Process)

Room reservations will begin for student organizations on December 10, 2020 for the spring 2021 semester.  It is expected that students register those events in Hopkins Groups. If clubs/orgs want to schedule smaller in person meetings (outside preferred), they must submit an event registration though Hopkins Groups. Event requests will be reviewed on a first-come, first-serve basis to ensure feasibility based on JHU’s social distancing guidelines. Events scheduled for the spring 2021 semester will be in a "Pending" status until we receive clarity on the spring semester. In order to secure a location, as well as adhere to physical distancing guidelines, RSOs must keep the group number to 10 students or less. If JHU is in an enhanced phase of operation, SLI will work with RSOs to understand what the new density number are for a given space. With smaller group numbers, clubs/orgs may want to explore hosting more meetings than usual or working with a hybrid situation.

Procedures Updates:

  • Event registrations may change based on the evolving circumstances and guidance at the University, city or state level. Student Leadership and Involvement (hereafter referred to as SLI) staff will contact organizations if changes need to be made to event registrations. For updated information please visit SLI website.
  • Students should prioritize the number of attendees in their event requests. Scheduling and Event Services will place organizations in available rooms.
  • RSOs should factor in time for cleaning the rooms once the events are completed. Cleaning materials will be centrally located.
  • Host RSOs and attendees must wear a face mask at all times while on campus and during events/meetings, whether inside or outside. Students not adhering to this protocol will be asked to leave the event.
  • Space and timing will be limited based on staffing levels and building operation times. All times are subject to change.
    • Mattin Center (Depending on phase)
      • Monday - Friday         9:00 am to 12:00 am
      • Saturday - Sunday     10:00 am to 12:00 am
    • Levering Hall
      • Monday - Friday 8:30 am to 12:00 am
      • Saturday - Sunday 10:00 am to 12:00 am
    • Charles Commons
      • Monday - Friday 8:30 am to 12:00 am
      • Saturday - Sunday 10:00 am to 12:00 am
    • The LaB - Closed
  • There will be very few spaces that allow flexible usage for programming purposes. Students should consider that programs will be socially distanced and rooms will be set up in “classroom style” with fixed furniture.
  • Scheduling Event Services will priortize programming/events first and backfill General Body/Executive Board meetings.  In the event there is not enough space, GBMS will be awarded by lottery.
  • Staff will be referencing this rubric when evaluating event submissions. We understand student organizations are accustomed to a first-come first-serve environment, however, due to limited space availability, there may be scheduling conflicts that need to be resolved. It will be important to fill out all portions of the event registration form to ensure staff have all the necessary information to evaluate event submissions.
  • Host organizations must require attendees to RSVP in advance for all events whether in-person or virtual. Host organizations and student attendees will have to acknowledge the “risks and liability” associated with participating in all events registered on JHU’s campus.
  • All events or meetings open to others must advertise the SDS accommodations statement in their posting – and the RSO host/event organizer is responsible for contacting SDS if an attendee requests services
  • RSOs may utilize a waiting list for events. All students must check into all events via Hopkins Groups. Groups that do not utilize the RSVP function or event check-in function may lose the privilege to host future events.
  • RSOs will need to identify an "Event Coordinator" and designate them as an officer in Hopkins Groups on their respect organization pages. This is listed under the officer position.
    • RSOs can have more than one "Event Coordinator"
    • This person will need to be trained during intercession. Please identify them as soon as you can.
    • Rooms will not be confirmed until this person is trained.
  • Registered off-campus events/parties are not allowed.
  • Events at third-party venues are not allowed.
  • Contactless pick-up is allowed as apart of the tabling process.  Please submit requests for an event utilizing contactless pick up on Hopkins Groups.

To submit your event request please navigate to your Hopkins Groups organization page and click "Events" > "Create Event". Once you create the event please fill out the entire form, sign at the bottom, and submit. In order to view room availability you will need to navigate to the Scheduling Event Services website to view.

To view your submission progress, please navigate to your home screen on Hopkins Groups, click "My Surveys/Forms" and you will see the status on the right side of the screen.


SGA Budgets

RSOs can submit spring 2021 SGA allocations from now until January 3, 2021. RSO leaders will be submitting allocations for the entire semester.

To submit your allocation please navigate to your group page in Hopkins Groups and click on Money>Budgeting. Under Budgeting you will select from the dropdown menu Student Government Association Spring 2021 Allocation. Please navigate to the SGA website for more information.

Student Life Programming Grant

The spring SLPG grant is now accepting submissions until January 3, 2021.

To submit your allocation please navigate to your group page in Hopkins Groups and click on Money>Budgeting. Under Budgeting you will select from the dropdown menu Student Life Programming Grant Spring 2021. Please view this communication for more information.

Both SGA and SLPG spring allocations will be reviewed and awarded during intercession in preparation for your return during the spring semester.


Re-purposing of annual allocations

  • RSOs that fall under Student Life (i.e. SGA, GRO, Performing Arts, Cultural and Identity, Religious and Spiritual, etc.) will have the ability to find other uses for their funds that adhere to established guidelines. This will not be an opportunity for students to utilize University allocations to purchase merchandise for group members or to repurpose money for gift card giveaways for students, however, if RSOs come up with creative ways to utilize their funds to meet the aims, purpose, mission, or goals of the RSO, those purchases will be allowed. For information related to Academic, Sports Clubs, or the Center for Social Concern, please contact those respective offices.


  • Serving food during the 2021 spring semester will not be allowed during in-person events in order to ensure the health and safety of attendees.

Registered Student Organization Large Scale Events & Traditions (Centralized Evaluation Process)

In order to maximize the consideration of potential events sponsored by any of our 400+ student organizations and student charter groups on the Homewood campus, we recommend a centralized evaluation and approval process for large-scale events & traditions (200+) to be conducted via Student Leadership & Involvement (SLI) in collaboration with Scheduling & Event Services. Like current student organization/charter group evaluation practices, SLI and their respective professional and student staff will review event request submissions via Hopkins Groups and approve or deny requests based on standard event submission expectations (e.g. submitted 10+ days in advance, space availability, etc.) as well as the new large-scale programming and traditions rubric. Peabody Student Affairs will use the same guidance and protocols with for the student organizations and clubs on that campus.

  • SLI professional staff and student workers will be trained on how to fill out the rubric, and student organization and programming board student leaders will be educated on what values (e.g. Affinity building, student-peer community building, cross organizational/department opportunities, access to information and/or opportunities, and promotion of health and well-being) will be prioritized for the fall 2020 semester as well as how their programs will be evaluated/approved/denied.
  • For RSOs, programming boards, and governing bodies that are advised by non-SLI departments (e.g. JHUnions & Programming, Homewood Arts Program, Office of Multicultural Affairs, etc.), SLI professional staff will connect with said student organization/charter group advisors to review event submission and address event needs/issues as needed.
  • RSOs, programming boards, and governing bodies also be provided a phased planning event worksheet that provides parameters for what types of large-scale events and traditions can take place in each particular phase (phase 1, phase 2, phase 3) as well as guiding questions for event formatting.

• If an event request is denied, RSOs, programming boards, and governing bodies may resubmit their requests after addressing any identified submission issues. Due to COVID19 social distancing protocols, events that can be feasibly transitioned to an online format may be encouraged to do so as physical space availability will be limited.

Guests and Third Party Vendors

The University is not allowing any non-JHU affiliates during any in-person gatherings. This may be relaxed when the University moves to Phase 3 of the re-opening process.

Digital Media Center

The DMC will be open by appointment only, offering a no-contact pick up option for equipment, use of DMC resources with a greatly reduced capacity, gaming computers, online Discord channel for chat, and workshops and programs to assist in levering technology for your curricular and co-curricular learning.

Student Leadership and Involvement/JHUnions and Programming Offices

The Mattin 131 office suite, and other Student Life offices, will be operating in a remote fashion during the normal business hours of the school year. The main phone will be answered during this time and students are welcome to call for questions or to speak to staff members. Additionally, when necessary, staff will be present on-campus for in-person events and trainings. Appointments will be set up online. For any mail/package pickups will take place at the Mattin Center front desk (Ross Jones North) utilizing social distance protocols and will be by appointment only (no walk ins) via a student organization leader’s advisor.

JHUnions Spaces Programming Spaces

While in JHUnions spaces (Mattin Center, Levering Lounge, the LaB), social distancing safety protocols must be followed at all times. This will include the use of masks (outside of individual offices) and maintaining 6ft separation between individuals at all times. Further, lobbies/lounges, common areas, and conference rooms will have reduced capacity and no food may be consumed in these spaces at any point. JHUnions & Programming Student Monitors will perform regular space checks (inside and outside) to ensure these safety protocols are adhered to. The use of Mattin Center practice rooms and the staffing of these spaces for general monitoring and programming are still under review. These social distancing safety protocols will be extended to the Lacrosse Hall of Fame building which will be utilized this fall for social programming and common space use.