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The Johns Hopkins Integrative Medicine Society is a community of students, researchers, faculty, and affiliated community members who wish to explore Integrative Medicine (IM). Integrative Medicine covers complementary and alternative medicine - such as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Traditional Korean Medicine (TKM), and Ayurveda - as well as Aromatherapy, Music and Art Therapy, etc. Our goal is to encourage the bright minds of Johns Hopkins University to research, discuss and understand IM.

Our Missions include:

  • Introducing Integrative Medicine to JHSPH community
  • Exploring ways through which Integrative Medicine can be used to advance health equity
  • Creating educational contents and launching seminars about basic Integrative Medicine theory and research related to Integrative Medicine
  • Establishing an academic network of practitioners of Integrative Medicine and Johns Hopkins students who share an interest in Integrative Medicine research
  • Strengthening the symbiotic relationship between public health and IM to broaden healing practices in an ever-globalizing world

Members Benefits

  • Attending various events to learn and discuss about IM
  • Receiving newsletters on the important updates
  • Networking colleagues with shared interests

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