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Hello everyone! We are a new student run initiative dedicated to 'demystifying organic chemistry.' We are students who have taken the course recently and done well. We understand that organic chemistry is a daunting subject with significant stigma surrounding its difficulty and work requirements. Our goal is to help you do well in the course through an array of resources made to improve your learning efficiency.

We will offer large group setting two hour meetings twice a week (Mergenthaler 111 7-9pm Tuesday/Wednesday). Alongside the weekly meetings, we are also offering a meeting on the Friday before exams. Both weekly meetings and Friday exam meetings are completely optional, and you're welcome to drop in/leave at any time etc.

Furthermore, we will have problem sets and practice exams custom made to be similar to test questions to get y'all prepped for the exams.

Finally, we will have a suite of interactive outreach programs that may include a help line, personalized feedback on practice sets, and occasional drop in help times.

- The Organic Chemistry Initiative Team









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Our members can gain valuable volunteer and teaching experience while continuing to hone their own knowledge of organic chemistry.

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Andrew Thampoe

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