Georgie Awards

We are excited to present the fifth annual tradition the Peabody Georgie Awards! Reflecting on the great work of our student community, we see this as a great way to close the year by recognizing those organizations, programs, and individuals that went above and beyond as it pertains to student engagement and leadership.

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Deadline 4/28/2024



Nominations open to entire Peabody community


Last day to submit a nomination


Results published


Georgie Award Luncheon


The following awards will be selected by the Georgie Awards Selection Committee:

  • Emerging Student Organization of the Year
  • Peabody Rising Star
  • Civic Engagement Award
  • Community Connectivity Award
  • Mental Health Ally Award
  • Advisor of the Year*
  • Outstanding Student Leader
  • Champion of Multiculturalism
  • Outstanding Student Organization of the Year
  • Student Program of the Year
  • Peabuddy to Student Affairs*

* Staff eligible prizes

The following award will be selected by Dean Fred Bronstein:

  • Dean's Award for Leadership

If you have questions about the award selection process or wish to be considered to sit on one of the selection committees, please email the Office of Student Affairs at

Award Descriptions

Georgies On The Move

Emerging Student Organization of the Year

This award recognizes an active newer student organization (of two years or less) that has shown admirable dedication to the Peabody community. They have demonstrated outstanding leadership and organization and have also made an effort to recruit new members. Their work should showcase their potential to stay active for many years.

2023 Winner: New Contemporary Tonality Collective

Peabody Rising Star

This award recognizes a first or second-year student (undergraduate and/or graduate student) who has exemplified extraordinary character and initiative in the Peabody community.

2023 Winner: Marcus Hart

Peabody Pillars

Civic Engagement

This award is given to an individual and/or student organization that exemplifies the tenets of a civically engaged member of the Peabody community. Focus should be given to the nominee's work in promoting accessibility of the arts, efforts to define the role that art/artists play in an evolving society, and dedication to leveraging art as a tool for addressing societal issues– whether political, cultural, environmental, or other work– that focus on the common good in service of the community.

2023 Winner: Aidan Deighan

Mental Health Ally

This award is given to an individual and/or student organization that works intentionally to raise awareness concerning the importance of mental health, eliminates stigmas surrounding mental illness, and encourages fellow peers to seek resources.

2023 Winner: Wei-Ping Chou

Advisor of the Year

This award is given to a faculty/staff member who works to promote a well rounded, fun, and versatile undergraduate experience through advising a student group. This advisor has exceeded expectations in providing availability, energy, and support in helping the group achieve their mission. Ultimately, this individual not only advises their group, but also mentors and helps develop their leadership and professional skills.

Community Connectivity

This award is given to an individual and/or student organization. The recipient of the award shall be one whose efforts are clearly set to strengthen community bonds within the Peabody community across departments, disciplines, and the Hopkins network at large. Their work may be seen as an effort to create and maintain equitable representation, engagement, and recognition throughout all aspects of the student experience.

2023 Winner: Cynthia Hu

Peabody Paragons

Outstanding Student Leader

This award is given in recognition of a second-year student or above who goes above and beyond in the present year to champion a unified, exemplary student experience academically, socially, and personally. This should be a student who outwardly unites, encourages, and advocates (for) their fellow colleagues. The recipient of this award is one who encompasses all the qualities needed to be an outstanding Paragon of a Peabody student, sure to contribute to the betterment of the Peabody, Johns Hopkins, and Baltimore communities.

2023 Winner: Destin Beaumont

Outstanding Student Organization of the Year

This award recognizes the group that has a positive influence on the student body and makes an outstanding contribution to the Peabody community. The organization has gone above and beyond to reach new students, program events, and make the Peabody community a better place.

2023 Winner: VVAVES

Dean's Award for Leadership

This scholarship award is given to a deserving third-year student or above who truly exemplifies what it means to lead. The recipient of this award is someone who is mindful, diligent, inclusive, action-oriented, strategic and always operates with integrity. The recipient is someone whom the Dean recognizes as having the true potential to positively impact the performing arts industry in their future career.

2023 Winner: Zoë Brielle Payne

Champion of Multiculturalism

This award is given to an individual who celebrates and works to promote multicultural understanding and harmony in the arts through advocacy and/or educational events. They have a high level of respect for all facets of multiculturalism and have worked to make Peabody a more inclusive and celebrated space for all.

2023 Winner: Abigail Koehler

Student Program of the Year

This award is given in recognition of a highly received student-organized and led program. The program awarded exemplifies what fully inclusive and accessible programming should look like on campus.

2023 Winners: Compose on the Clock & Peabody Sustainability Club's Community Garden

Peabuddy to Student Affairs

This award is given to a faculty/staff member who goes above and beyond to support and/or collaborate with the Student Affairs Office. They go out of their way to support events, amplify or promote the work being done by Student Affairs staff, or just stop by to say hello. The recipient of this award is someone who continues to find ways to put students first by being of service to the Student Affairs Office, and is a friendly yet familiar face to the students within.

2023 Winner: Kenneth Gudger

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Deadline is 4/28/2024