Annual Undergraduate Public Health Conference

  • 2024 Poster Presentations

    The Relationship Between Race and Obesity among Non-Hispanic White and Non-Hispanic Black Men by Education Level

    - Corina Mills

    - H. Zare, G. Han, C. Thomas Tobin, R. Thorpe Jr PhD

    Effects of Concurrent BSP and ENPP1 Ablation in the Dentoalveolar Complex

    - Eddie Zhang

    - Emily Chu DDS PhD

    Evaluation of Emergency Medical Services and Community Co-Response to Opioid Overdoses: Lessons from Staff Interviews

    - Estelle Yeung, Justin Xu

    - O. Heidari PhD

    Occupational Health Inequities Among Asian Nail Salon Workers

    - Kevin Nguyen

    Psychopathology Predicts Abuse in a Psychiatric Inpatient Sample

    - Mimi Avril, Dua Hussain, Jalyne Wise

    Potable Water Access in the Navajo Nation

    - Anayeli García Villa, Louie Martinez

    Evaluating Food Insecurity through the Perspectives of Baltimore Residents

    - Stephanie Leveron

    Cervical cancer screening among women living with HIV in sub- Saharan Africa: a multi-country, population-based study

    - Annabelle Alpar

    - G. Rosen PhD

    Pediatric Primary Care Telemedicine: Perspectives from English and Spanish Speaking Medicaid Enrollees

    - Divya Konduru

    - A.R. Links MS, E.M. Perrin MD, S. Polk MD, S. Meraj BA, N. Showell MD, S.M. Grieb PhD, H. Hughes MD

    Unauthorized ENDS Available in Baltimore Brick-and-Mortar Stores

    - Oliver del Rosario

    - J. Vaidya PhD, L. Yanek MPH, B.F. Yagi MD

    Exploration of Gender Norms in Villages in Madhya Pradesh in the Presence and Absence of Gender Resource Centres

    - Tanisha Luthria

    - R. Rimal PhD, S.Tharmarajah MS

    Assessing the Relationship Between Weight Regain and Depression Severity: Results from the Look AHEAD Study

    - Louie Martinez

    - J. Schwartz MD, MHS

    Topoisomerase I Depletion Causes Premature Ovarian Failure

    - Angela Xiong

    - P. Jordan PhD

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2024  Poster Presentations

2024  Poster Presentations

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2023  Poster Presentations

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From the Archive  Past Conference Materials