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About Us

At the Sino-American Commercial Association (SACA) at Johns Hopkins University, we're committed to creating a vibrant platform for Chinese international students passionate about business.

Our association is a dynamic community where students can engage in meaningful conversations about business, culture, and professional growth. By fostering an environment of intellectual exchange and mutual support, SACA aims to enrich the academic and professional journeys of its members.

Our Mission

  • Facilitate cultural and business exchanges among international students and beyond.
  • Support professional networking and development.
  • Provide academic and professional guidance through diverse events.
  • Enhance community engagement through service and collaboration with local businesses.
  • Through workshops, seminars, networking events, and more, we provide a comprehensive framework for our members to thrive in their personal and professional lives.









Members Benefits

Membership benefits include (define your member benefits under group settings)

Community Engagement and Service

Participate in community service activities and engage with the local business community. Our events with industry experts and successful entrepreneurs not only broaden your perspective but also open doors to networking opportunities with accomplished professionals.

Academic and Professional Support

Benefit from a curated selection of seminars, expert lectures, and hands-on workshops designed to sharpen your professional skills and academic proficiency. Gain invaluable insights from industry experts, trade promotion agencies, and local entrepreneurs.

Building Professional Networks

Leverage our extensive network to build valuable professional connections. Gain access to internship and employment opportunities, attend professional development workshops, and expand your professional horizon.

Cultural and Business Exchange

Immerse yourself in a melting pot of ideas where you can share and learn about diverse business concepts and cultural perspectives. Our platform encourages the exchange of insights that enhance academic and professional exchanges.

Our Team

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Ruipeng Cao

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