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The JHU Stand-Up Comedy Club (S.U.C.C.) is a place for any student interested in the art of Stand-Up Comedy. Members participate in weekly workshops where they write, listen, and give feedback on jokes. Students will have the opportunity to perform onstage in front of hundreds of their fellow students, or hang just back and enjoy the show.

No experience or audition necessary.

Members Benefits

Members will be able to attend workshops to learn about how to write and perform stand-up comedy. Members are not required to perform but are still welcome to learn how. Join our email list/roster to be first to know about our upcoming comedy shows and other events.

Events & Activities

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Meeting new students and learn from experienced performers.

Our Team

Nicoleen Willson
Ellie Rose Mattoon
Ashish Nalla


Stand Up Comedy Club

3400 N. Charles St
Baltimore MD 21218
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