Vietnamese Students Association at JHU

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Our Mission

The Vietnamese Student Association aims to preserve and promote Vietnamese culture at Johns Hopkins University and the surrounding community by providing programs and support for students to establish a common ground for cultural awareness.

We ground our work in three areas:

Mentorship and Networking

We're building spaces on campus for Việt students to support each other in the context of underrepresentation in higher education, whether through group chats or social events. In addition, our collaborations with other universities and intercollegiate organizations, such as the Mid-Atlantic Union of Vietnamese Student Associations (MAUVSA) and the Union of North American Vietnamese Student Associations (UNAVSA) provides additional opportunities to engage with Việts across the nation.


We understand Việt culture to be one that is dynamic and varied across space. From the very beginning, VSA has been centered around celebrating our heritage as Việt people through signature events such as Phở Night and Spring Roll Night. Moving forward, we hope to create programming and educational initiatives that bridge the experiences of members of the Việt diaspora and those born in Việt Nam.

Civic Engagement, Social Justice, and Education

We cannot pretend that our existence as Việt and Southeast Asian people is centered solely around food events. Our board has committed to standing in solidarity with fellow marginalized communities, whether on campus or around the world. We've taken steps including shifting our social media activity toward education and creating plans for programming that touches on issues facing Việt communities in Việt Nam and the U.S., such as:

  • Nail salon worker health and rights
  • LGBTQ+ issues
  • Intergenerational communication and the language divide
  • Immigration, deportation, and the criminal justice system
  • Southeast Asians in education and data disaggregation
  • Mental health and intergenerational trauma

Interested in joining us or collaborating?

Shoot us an email or a direct message through our social media for details.