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Your Consulting Journey Begins Here


What is Consulting?

"Consulting" will probably one of the broadest terms in your professional dictionary. This is because almost ANYONE can become a consultant - a professional who provides expert advice in a particular area such as business, education, law, regulatory compliance, healthcare, etc. If you are someone who can blend creativity with pragmatism and enjoys problem solving, consulting may be the career for you.









Your Consulting Journey Begins Here

The consulting field can often be tedious, daunting, and difficult to navigate. Additionally, networking is imperative. This is why JHUCC exists - to give you the most experience in consulting, the most connections, and the best resume. We will ensure that you hit the ground running as you enter the field and are prepared for all that lies ahead.

Case Competitions

Get hands on experience with consulting by solving real world problems in a competitive setting.

Interview Tips

Nail your first interview with insider information and strategies provided by JHUCC.

Exclusive Networking Opportunities

First impressions are everything. Get to know consulting veterans through our networking events.

Resume Review

Ever have questions about preparing a professional resume? JHUCC has the answer.


Get familiar with the business through our consulting workshops. Experience the kind of work consultants do on a day to day basis.

Our Team

Hongru Zhao Profile

Hongru Zhao

International Outreach Coordinator
Andrew Kim Profile

Andrew Kim

Public Affairs Vice President
Mahendra Shahi Profile

Mahendra Shahi

Public Affairs Vice President
Jiahuan Lin Profile

Jiahuan Lin

Events Vice President
Adam Tobin-Williams Profile

Adam Tobin-Williams

Athena Zapantis Profile

Athena Zapantis

Illysa Izenberg Profile

Illysa Izenberg

Steven Simpson Profile

Steven Simpson

Marketing Vice President

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