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Nursing Students for Harm Reduction (NSHR) is dedicated to addressing the overdose crisis in Baltimore and nationwide. Our mission revolves around combating stigma, fostering support, and delivering trauma-informed care to vulnerable populations through various initiatives, including education, volunteer opportunities, discussions, and community outreach. Recognizing our role as future medical professionals who will be caring for individuals with Substance Use Disorder (SUD), we emphasize the significance of treating patients without judgment or stigma. For the past several years, NSHR has organized and funded naloxone training for Master's Entry into Nursing students. Moreover, we not only conduct trainings but also distribute free badges to all nursing students, including those in the nurse practitioner program. These badges feature instructions on responding to an overdose on one side and highlight stigmatizing versus non-stigmatizing language on the other. Nursing students carry these badges during clinical rotations and throughout their careers following graduation. Overall the mission is to decrease the number of fatal overdoses, increase the number of individuals trained in overdose response, and increase awareness and education on SUD amongst future nurses.









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