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Our GBMs and Signature Events

MAPS engages its members with events that help provide students with a community to better prepare them for their pre-health careers. From having critical conversations in our Annual Mental Health Panel and Politics of Healthcare to supporting students academically with our What I wish I knew before taking the MCAT and Personal Statement Workshop to hands-on experiences with our Medical Simulations and Suturing Workshop, MAPS aims to serve underrepresented students through engaging students with the various aspects of healthcare in unique ways!

Our upcoming events will be listed below and will also be listed in our regular pre-health newsletter. If you have any GBM collaborations or ideas, please email us at

Also below are the available recorded GBMs and Events! You can feel free to also find the recordings on our YouTube page at Johns Hopkins SNMA MAPS.


Pre-Med & Academics Series

MAPS strives to demystify the pre-health journey and we do this by hosting a variety of events that address important components of applying to healthcare-related graduate schools such as the MCAT, research, and clinical experiences. We also inform our members of the medical school experience by collaborating with Hopkins medical students.

1st Annual MAPS Pre-Health Conference

Last October, MAPS hosted its first virtual Pre-HEalth conference that brought together prehealth students, admissions directors, medical students, and physicians to engage in dialogue about various topics ranging from MCAT prep to the day-to-day lives of physicians. The Keynote speaker was Paul White, assistant dean of admissions at Johns Hopkins SOM.

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What I wish I knew before taking the MCAT

Upperclassmen and SNMA Medical Students at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine answer questions and provide insight on the ins and outs of taking the MCAT exam!

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What I wish I knew before going to Medical School

SNMA Medical Students at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine answer questions about various aspects of being a medical student!

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Research Awardee Panel

Undergraduate research awardees provide insight about their research and the support they receive through various research awards on campus. The event featured recipients of the Woodrow Wilson Research Fellowship ($7500), Albstein Research Scholarship (up to $5000), and the Provost's Undergraduate Research Award ($3000)!

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AMEC Recap

Students who attended the Annual Medical Education Conference (AMEC) as well as students who aim to attend AMEC in the future reflected on their experiences attending a conference ranging from presenting research to networking!

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Navigating Campus Resources

MAPS upperclassmen present the different resources available to Johns Hopkins undergraduate students ranging from academic & networking resources to health & wellness!

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Suturing Workshop w/ SNMA

MS4 students at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, guide students with the basic necessary skills to suture! MAPS students who registered were provided with their own suturing kits (link to the purchased kits are below)!

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Career & Development Series

MAPS is dedicated to encourage underrepresented students in their journey to medicine by supporting students with necessary skills and resources to achieve their goals.

Life Design: Resumes & Cover Letters

The Life Design Lab collaborated with MAPS to help students learn how to construct the perfect resume and cover letter and tailor it to your application/job!

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Life Design Resume Resources Page

Life Design: Interviewing & Resume Workshop

The Life Design Lab collaborated with MAPS to educate students on the necessary skills when interviewing, whether it be for graduate school or a potential job/career!

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Empathetic Listening Workshop (with APTT)

This event was geared for students to learn empathetic listening communication skills as future healthcare providers, to better care for patients and hold difficult conversations at vulnerable points of their life.

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Training Summary Page

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Personal Statement Workshop (with SNMA and JHUSOM Dean of Admissions)

SNMA Medical Students and Johns Hopkins School of Medicine Dean of Admissions, Dean White, present the tools needed to apply to medical student and answer questions about crafting your personal statement for your application!

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Professional Development Workshop with Life Design Lab

MAPS collaborated with the Life Design Lab to cost an interactive workshop on the narrative around professionalism in the workplace and how one's identities integrate and influence that narrative.

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Mental Health Series

MAPS is dedicated to addressing and facilitating conversations regarding disparities in physical health as well as mental health. We aim to do this through our mental health series and our annual mental health panel.

Annual Mental Health Panel

MAPS, in collaboration with EESA and FLOC, held a mental health panel with several mental health professionals. The professionals educated students about the importance of mental health, particularly in communities of color.

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Civic Engagement Series

MAPS is dedicated to promoting civic engagement, particularly in healthcare policies, representation, and education regarding marginalized communities.

Politics of Healthcare

With the election approaching at the time of this event, MAPS facilitated discussions surrounding the intersection of politics, law, and the U.S. health care system. This session was not recorded, to better allow students to have a safe-space to express their opinions and experiences.

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Diversity at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine (with the JHSOM Director of Medical Student Diversity)

We invited Dr. Lawson, the Assistant Dean for Medical Student Affairs & the Director of Medical Student Diversity at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine to speak about diversity and inclusion at the Johns Hopkins hospital and medical school!

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Equal Access Seminar (ft. Phillip J. Roundtree)

The Equal Access Seminal collaborated with SNMA MAPS as well as other organizations to welcome Phillip J. Roundtree, a scholar activist and motivational speaker. Phillip is a scholar-activist who focuses on promoting wellness awareness in marginalized and underrepresented communities.