MCAT Resources

Below are several links of MCAT resources compiled by SNMA MAPS, if you have any suggestions of what else can be added feel free to email us at


You can utilize these resources to take diagnostic exams and to test your knowledge throughout your studying. Be sure to create an account for these resources with an email that you don't mind receiving advertisements. The resources can be found by clicking the links at each resource description. Compilation of MCAT resources were resourced and compiled from MCATBros, where additional resources can be found linked here.

The Blueprint MCAT (formerly Next Step) Free Practice Account

This free practice account has both a half-length diagnostic MCAT and a full-length practice exam.

Magoosh Free Full-Length Practice Exam

The link leads you to a form you must fill out to receive access to 1 free practice full-length exam from Magoosh.

Kaplan Free Full-Length Practice Exam

The link above provides you access to one of Kaplan's 7.5-hour practice exam (full-length exam) with predictive scoring.

Atlius Free Full-Length Practice Exam

Filling out the form in the link below gives you access to a half-length diagnostic exam.

MCAT Prep Free Full-Length Practice Exam

The link above provides you access to 1 free practice full-length exam from MCAT Prep.

MCAT Pathway Free Diagnostic Exam

The link above provides you access to 1 Med-Pathway diagnostic exam.


Anki is a free and open-source flashcard program using spaced repetition, a technique from cognitive science for fast and long-lasting memorization. Anki a website that many students utilize to study for the MCAT and is also a prime tool utilized by medical students. There are several resourceful Anki flashcard decks that are pre-created and shared for the pre-medical community to utilize in thier studying and we shared a couple below! Compilation of MCAT resources were resourced and compiled from MCATBros, where additional resources can be found linked here.

Milesdown MCAT Anki Deck

Based on the KA 300 pg document and his popular review sheets. Colorful and concise and contains relevant Khan Academy links.

Cubene + Premed95 Combined Psychology Anki Deck

Based on Premed95's Psychology Anki deck and the KA 300 pg doc.


Comprehensive Anki deck based on the Kaplan MCAT books.


Correlates with the Kaplan MCAT Physics book. It contains the major physics equations along with variable descriptions and unit breakdowns.


There are several scholarships and resources available for students who are do not have the means to be able to afford MCAT studying. Many students prefer a more structured format of studying are unable to afford the study resources. Below is a compilation of these scholarships!

AAMC Fee Assistance Program (FAP)

The benefits of the Fee Assistance Program include discounted fees, complimentary access to the MSAR online database, free MCAT Official Prep products, and more.

SNMA BluePrint Scholarship

SNMA offers a select number of students a free 6-month MCAT course through BluePrint. Must be an SNMA National Member to apply.

Premed Disciples Scholarship Course

This course includes MCAT prep course, an AMCAS prep course, and an interview preparation course. The MCAT course consists of two parts:  live catalyst sessions and an online longitudinal course. Must have completed 20 hrs of service for MAPS or other minority pre-health groups.

Kaplan's Tuition Assistance Program

Any student who is currently enrolled in a college or university, with at least a 3.0 GPA, can apply for assistance from Kaplan through our 3-Tier Assistance program. Info about financial eligibility can be found on their site.

CurveSetter MCAT Prep Scholarship

A number of scholarships will be provided in the form of tuition-free enrollment in the CurveSetter MCAT Prep Self-Paced Course, a three-month online course which contains lectures covering all the delineated topics on the AAMC content list for the new MCAT. Financial and academic background taken into consideration for scholarship.

Free MCAT Tutoring

JHU SNMA MAPS as well as JUMP is partnering with Free MCAT Tutoring to provide free tutors in the MCAT studying process. There are free study resources on their website as well as a regular newsletter with resources. Sign up for their tutoring program here at this link.


Listed below are free popular MCAT study resources ranging from error log sheets to mneumonics and summary sheets!

334-Page Psychology & Sociology Content Review Document

This document contains most info covered in the P/S section of the MCAT and aligns with Khan Academy's Psych/Soc videos. The shortened 86-page document can be found at this link.

MCATBros' Basic Practice Problem Error Logs

This is an error log sheet that can be utilized to track errors in practice exams

Kaplan Chapters with Cooresponding Khan Academy Videos

This excel sheet organizes Khan Academy videos (that are linked) with their associated Kaplan chapters.

MCAT Review Sheets

These review sheets summarize content information including metabolic pathways and necessary equations to know for the MCAT.

Kaplan MCAT Quicksheets

This is a link to summarized review sheets created by Kaplan. This is not comprehensive, but includes very important information to know in an easy-to-read format. They cover topics in General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Biochemistry, and Behavioral Sciences.

MCAT Mneumonics Sheet

This sheet provides mnemonics summarized by subject and provides a format to designate your understanding of the material.

u/badman-777-101's Khan Academy MCAT Videos Database - Google Drive

This database contains  Khan Academy in the case that they are removed from the web. A spreadsheet-organized version of these videos can also be found at this link here.

IWantAHighMCATScore's Lab Techniques Notes

This is a comprehensive review sheet regarding Lab Techniques. Lab Techniques are a popular topic on the MCAT and understanding the purpose and how these tests are performed is vital to understanding data results that show up in passages.