Committee on Academic Affairs

Responsible for matters related to academic advising, academic services (ex: the Registrar), the Academic Council, and other academic-related organs of the University as is necessary to improve the academic atmosphere for students

Sunday 5 PM; Zoom

Minutes; Insta: @jhusgaacademicaffairs


Current Initiatives

Past Accomplishments

Registration Roundtables (2020-2021)

Host interactive sessions to answer questions about registration

CUE2 Feedback (2019-2020)

Work with the PRDC to compile student opinions on the CUE2 Report

Feedback on Academics (2020-2021)

Advocate for the establishment of a mid-semester academic feedback form and a continuous form for academic grievances

Veda Chanda


Senior Class Senator
Molecular/Cellular Biology & Public Health Studies

Subha Bhatta


Senior Class Senator
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Chinat Yu

Junior Class Senator

Ireland Parrish

Sophomore Class Senator
Computer Science & Physics

JiWon Woo

Junior Class Senator
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering & Computer Science

Kya Nicholson

Freshman Class Senator
Public Health Studies

Rachel Huang

Sophomore Class Senator
Public Health Studies

Raj Bhatt

Sophomore Class Senator
Molecular/Cellular Biology

Shalala Leny

Sophomore Class Senator
Chemistry & Molecular/Cellular Biology

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