SGA Committees

Committee on Academic Affairs

Responsible for matters related to academic advising, academic services (ex: the Registrar), the Academic Council, and other academic-related organs of the University as is necessary to improve the academic atmosphere for students

Chair: Resham Talwar

Vice-Chair: Timothy Huang

Committee on Civic Engagement

To promote a stronger culture of civic engagement and community engagement at Homewood Campus and create new infrastructure inside and outside of the classroom so we can have conversations about community engagement and our place in Baltimore. We believe that the best way to spark civic engagement is to cultivate relationships and empathy between diverse individuals, because diverse relationships are key components to success, happiness, and innovation.

Chair: Angela Xiong

Committee on Finance

Responsible for financial matters of the SGA, including appropriations, funding procedures, and financial management.

Co-Chairs: Brandon Benjamin & Jenny Chen

Committee on Health, Safety, and Sustainability

Responsible for matters pertaining to the health and safety of the student body and for matters related to sustainability and facilities, as applicable to the Johns Hopkins community.

Chair: Rachel Huang

Vice-Chair: Srigouri Oruganty

Committee on Internal Affairs

Responsible for matters related to the internal affairs of the Senate, such as appointments, evaluations, and the Constitution & Bylaws, with the exclusion of matters related to the Senate's budget which are restricted to the Committee on Finance.

Co-Chairs: Stone Meng & Jackson Morris

Committee on Student Organizations

Responsible for matters pertaining to Student Organizations. This committee recognizes, evaluates and supports student organizations along with various category coordinators. Funding for student organizations is a joint process between this committee and the Student Activities Commission. Please email us using with any questions.

Chair: Shruti Tyagi

Vice-Chair: Gabriel Granados

Committee on Student Services

Responsible for matters related to current student services, reviewing SGA sponsorship of events, and tasked with providing SGA-sponsored services to fill needs that the University administration cannot or will not provide.

Chair: Oluwakemi Abiodun

Vice-Chair: Christian Bahkit