Committee on Civic Engagement

Sundays 4 PM; Zoom


To promote a stronger culture of civic engagement and community engagement at Homewood Campus and create new infrastructure inside and outside of the classroom so we can have conversations about community engagement and our place in Baltimore. We believe that the best way to spark civic engagement is to cultivate relationships and empathy between diverse individuals, because diverse relationships are key components to success, happiness, and innovation.


5 Bridges

Encourage people to interact beyond their typical social circles.

Digital & in-Person
Students & Administration
JHU & Baltimore
Socioeconomic Status

3 Goals

Engage our three target populations.


5 Methods

Find ways for people to seek similarities amongst differences.

Community Building Programs
Speaker Events
Partnerships & Campaigns
Digital Gatherings
Social Media & Storytelling

Current Initiatives

Past Accomplishments

Voter Engagement Campaign (2020)

Teach students how to vote and partner with student organizations to encourage voting

Dear First Year Me (2020-2021)

Video series with advice to underclassmen from upperclassmen

Naming Committee (2020)

Call for a renaming of programs and facilities named after Woodrow Wilson and Basil Gildersleeve, resulting in the creation of a committee on naming standards

CUE2 (2019-2021)

Work to make discussions of Baltimore and civic engagement a core piece of the Hopkins experience throught the CUE2 Report

Kobi Khong


Sophomore Class Senator

Talia Shadroui


Junior Class Senator

Grace Wang

Senior Class Senator

Harvey McGuinness

Sophomore Class Senator

Ireland Parrish

Sophomore Class Senator

Jean Zhou

Freshman Class Senator

Nathan Mudrak

Senior Class President

Pritika Parmar

Senior Class Senator

Sophie Liu

Junior Class Senator