President's Cabinet

The Student Body President and their Cabinet were established to ensure the smooth operation of the Student Government. It consists of four elected positions and multiple appointed positions with unique responsibilities associated with the functions of Student Government. Included below are the responsibilities of all four positions, including appointed positions, as written in the SGA Constitution and Bylaws. Elections for the Cabinet are held each spring, and the entire school is able to vote; it is not restricted by year. Scroll down for information on each Cabinet Member, and the official responsibilities of each.

Student Body President Soldatelli

Breanna Soldatelli -

Elected Position

Responsibilities of the Student Body President

  • Serves as the spokesperson of the Student Body
  • Ensures the efficient operation of the entire SGA
  • Executes all acts of the Senate
  • Meets with representatives of the Dean of Student Life's office on a regular basis, along with other administration
  • Convenes Executive Board meetings on a weekly basis

Vice President Khong

Kobi Khong -

Elected Position

Responsibilities of the Vice President

  • Assists President in all duties
  • Will succeed the President in the case of impeachment or resignation
  • Presides over the Senate during GBM
  • Sets the agenda of GBM
  • Accompanies the President to meetings when needed
  • Ensure communication and collaboration between SGA members

Secretary Regier

Elaina Regier -

Elected Position

Responsibilities of the Secretary

  • Maintains all SGA email lists
  • Is the primary point of contact for all SGA communications
  • Keeps detailed minutes of each meeting
  • Takes attendance and posts online

Treasurer Nicholson

Kya Nicholson -

Elected Position

Responsibilities of the Treasurer

  • Creates an annual budget for the SGA
  • Helps with the funding and/or recognition process of student groups.
  • Is the financial officer of the SGA
  • Coordinates with the Finance Committee
  • Assists SGA groups with purchases
  • Oversees SAC

Director of Social Affairs

Milton Diaz -

Appointed Position

Responsibilities of the Director of Social Affairs

  • Promote SGA's social media presence
  • Help advertise SGA-sponsored events
  • Oversees CMC