Committee on Health, Safety, and Sustainability

Responsible for matters pertaining to the health and safety of the student body and for matters related to sustainability and facilities, as applicable to the Johns Hopkins community.

Sundays 1 PM




Current Initiatives

Past Accomplishments

Sex Week (Annual)

A week of sex education and positivity in collaboration with SARU and CHEW in honor of Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Mental Health Resources (2020-2021)

A social media campaign to advertise University mental health resources available on our Instagram

Mental Health Summit (2018-2019)

Gathering of students and staff to learn about ways to reach out for various resources, practice self-care, and reflect on progress made thus far

COVID Support (2020-2021)

Support students through the COVID-19 pandemic by providing information and resources

Talia Shadroui


Junior Class Senator

Sustainability Leadership Council

Angela Hussain


Senior Class Senator

Jean Zhou

Freshman Class Senator

Niki Trivedi

Senior Class Senator

Peter Huang

Junior Class Senator

Rachel Huang

Sophomore Class Senator

Shalala Leny

Sophomore Class Senator

Veda Chanda

Senior Class Senator