Committee on Student Organizations

Responsible for matters pertaining to Student Organizations. This committee recognizes, evaluates and supports student organizations along with various category coordinators. Funding for student organizations is a joint process between this committee and the Student Activities Commission. Please review the Handbook or email with any questions.

Wednesday 5-6 PM; Zoom



Current Initiatives

New Student Organizations

The Committee receives applications submitted through Hopkins Groups. Learn more about the application process and needs on the join or start an organizations website. Once submitted, the application will be reviewed by the Student Government Association’s (SGA) Committee on Student Organizations.

Representatives from the group will then be interviewed by the SGA Committee on Student Organizations  so they may learn more about the group, its mission and/or purpose. The Committee will then approve or deny the group and inform the overall SGA of the decision. If a group is interested in appealing the decision of The Committee, they can do so according to the SGA bylaws. The SGA will also vote to determine into what category the group will be placed.

This approval process is for student organization recognition only, and is not associated with the Student Activities Commission (SAC) funding process.

Yearly review

The Committee on Student Organizations of the SGA will undergo a yearly review of the re-registration applications for its recognized student groups. Organizations will be asked to provide the following information for that purpose:

Current programming - List and describe what events, initiatives, workshops, meetings and gatherings your group organized this past academic year and what was their purpose. *Please specify which were open to the general student body and which were closed to group members only.

Future programming - List which of these your group intends to organize again next year, along with any new events, initiatives, workshops, meetings and gatherings your group is planning for next year.

Please note that the Committee might contact your student group’s leaders if it requires any further information. For more details on the Committee’s review, please contact any of your Class Senators or email the Committee at


Nathan Mudrak


Office Hours: Thursday 9-11 AM; The LaB

Senior Class President

Grace Wang


Senior Class Senator

Chinat Yu

Junior Class Senator

Dalhart Dobbs

Freshman Class Senator

Jackson Morris

Freshman Class Senator

Jenny Chen

Sophomore Class Senator

John Liu

Freshman Class Senator

Nasreen Naqvi

Freshman Class Senator

Niki Trivedi

Senior Class Senator

Obi Onyinanya

Junior Class Senator

Raj Bhatt

Sophomore Class Senator

Ryan Chou

Freshman Class President