Committee on Student Services

Responsible for matters related to current student services, reviewing SGA sponsorship of events, and tasked with providing SGA-sponsored services to fill needs that the University administration cannot or will not provide.

Monday 7PM, Zoom



Current Initiatives

Past Accomplishments

Late Night To-Go Boxes (2019-2020)

Work with the University to provide to-go boxes at FFC Late Night

Free Laundry (2018-2019)

Work with the University to cover laundry expenses of on-campus residents

Student Center (2017-2019)

Advocate for prioritizing the construction of a student center

Student Belongings (2020-2021)

Communicate with University Administration to ensure the smooth return of students' belongings after COVID-19

Anthony Singleton


Sophomore Class President

Peter Huang


Sophomore Class Senator

Angela Hussain

Senior Class Senator

Dalhart Dobbs

Freshman Class Senator

Jackson Morris

Freshman Class Senator

Jenny Chen

Sophomore Class Senator

Subha Bhatta

Senior Class Senator