Apply for a Crowdfunding Campaign

Student Organizations with large goals, large alumni base, and meet other requirements might be eligible for a university sponsored Crowdfunding campaign page via GiveCampus.


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Development and Alumni Relations || Student Philanthropy Association
Undergraduate Student Organization Crowdfunding Policies and Procedures

Definition: Crowdfunding is defined as the collection of money through donations, via online giving, social media, and other electronic means, for the purposes of charitable donation or organizational budget enhancement. Johns Hopkins University uses a third party program called GiveCampus to facilitate crowdfunding campaigns. Restrictions: All gifts solicited through GiveCampus campaigns will be governed by Johns Hopkins University's gift policies. These restrictions include but are not limited to the following:

  • Fundraising for outside charitable organizations (e.g., The Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, etc.) is not permissible using university-sponsored crowdfunding platforms.
  • Funds raised through the crowdfunding projects must go directly to a Johns Hopkins University managed entity, like a student group, department, or initiative.
  • Projects that attempt to raise money for an individual or for non-charitable purposes will not be approved.

Administration: Development and Alumni Relations coordinates solicitations to alumni. Undergraduate students wishing to secure philanthropic donations from alumni through crowdfunding or other means should obtain clearance from the Development and Alumni Relations office.Student Organization Responsibilities: If approved for a campaign, it is up to your members to create and implement a marketing and communications plan to include solicits, content, and thanking donors.

SPA Ambassador Support: Student Philanthropy Ambassadors are trained fundraisers and can help groups create a marketing and communications plan for your crowdfunding campaign and/or provide advice for how make the campaign a success.

Eligibility: Student organizations that are seeking to launch a GiveCampus campaign must meet the below criteria before submitting an application:

  • Be an approved Registered Student Organization
  • Be an undergraduate student organization on campus for at least 3 academic years.
  • Be in good standing with the university (ie. no pending conduct reviews)
  • Have a valid Johns Hopkins University cost object and budget number
  • Up-to-date Campus Groups account
  • Have a roster of at least 10 active undergraduate members
  • Have a record of former members (alumni) and their class years
  • At least 2 members who will lead the potential campaign and attend mandatory training

Requirements: In addition to the above eligibility, student organizations seeking a potential campaign must submit the following requirements with their application:

  • Written approval from your staff or faculty advisor: Written approval that includes plans for how the funds will be used, the cost center in which funds should be directed, and support.
  • Compelling Case for Support: Why would potential donors want to support this campaign? How will gifts impact your student group?
  • Active Advocates: Campaigns that utilize active advocates raise 80% more funds than campaigns that do not. Advocates create compelling social media pleas to reach beyond existing audiences.
  • Realistic Goal and Timeline: You can set a goal based on dollars to raise or number of donors. Your date(s) for when the campaign is live should not exceed an 8-week period.
  • Define Target Audience: Who do you think will be most likely to support the campaign (friends, family, alumni, students) and how many people do you expect to reach with your planned number of advocates?
  • Campaign Strategy: Create a draft plan which includes an overview of member responsibilities and accountability during the campaign.
  • Video and Graphics: A video that introduces potential donors to your campaign and is required to create the campaign launch page. Photos, videos, logos, or other graphics are needed to support content creation.
  • Stewardship: How do you plan to thank your donors during and after the campaign?

Selection Process: The final determination will be decided using some of the following criteria:

  • Meeting of all the eligibility factors identified
  • A complete application that includes all necessary requirements
  • Demonstrated affinity and support for the campaign
  • Number of previous campaigns initiated by the student organization
  • Size and duration of the campaign.
  • The number of crowdfunding projects already scheduled for the projected campaign dates
  • Flexibility of the student organization to adjust goals and timeline as necessary

Notice of Approval: Based on your application you will receive one of two responses: Approved for Crowdfunding; Denied because of "XYZ".

Next Steps: Please allow 2 weeks for your application to be reviewed. If you are approved, further instructions will be included in that e-mail. If you are denied, you will be given full explanation and tips for improving your application next time. Student Groups are allowed to apply once per application period.