The Student Philanthropy Association has created these 5 easy to follow steps for any JHU Student Organization.

All donations to student organizations are applied to their budget within 7 - 10 business days. Unless you are offering a tangible premium (like a tote bag or t-shirt), 100% of the donation is received by the student organization. Donated dollars carry over year after year allowing student organizations to launch multi-year campaigns for big goals. Donations are meant to supplement the provided budgets of student organizations and are a great resource to cover milestone events (100th Anniversary) or new gear (uniforms) that might spark the generosity of a former member, now alumnus. Anyone can donate to your Student Organization - students, family, alumni, parents, staff, and even friends.


Set an achievable goal that you are comfortable sharing publicly. Goals can be for $$$'s raised or ### of donors. Are you raising $500 for new member uniforms, or do you want 75% of your former members to donate any amount for general use?


Show your potential donors why this fundraiser matters to you. Create a personal statement that explains how having the goal met will impact your Hopkins experience or that of the organization. You can also make your donation first, and encourage others to follow in your footsteps.


Spend time creating a unique communications strategy that incorporates events, emails, texts, photos, videos, and hashtags. Bake Sales are always fun but unique events like a dance-off or pillow fight might bring more guests, more money, and more laughs! Focus on creating engaging content, meaningful solicitations, and personalized thank you notes!


The power of Peer-to-Peer Solicitations is infinite. Share your campaign with family, friends, and alumni and then ask them to do the same. Use visual story-telling and personal pleas to keep your social media feeds full of uplifting and engaging posts that call out for support.


It's easy to burn out too soon if you exhaust all your resources at once. Be realistic with your time and priorities. Once you reach your goal you should share your excitement with donors. If you were able to purchase new uniforms, send your donors a picture of you wearing them! If you promised donors a swag item - don't delay in mailing them out.