What is the Senior Class Giving Campaign?

The Senior Class Giving Campaign is a fundraising initiative targeted towards seniors. It invites graduating seniors to begin building a legacy of alumni engagement and philanthropy by making their first donation to Johns Hopkins. The suggested donation amount of $20.24 is symbolic of your graduation year and can be designated to any student group, athletics team, department, student service, hospital division, and so much more. Seniors who choose to make a donation of at least $5, are stewarded with a honor cord to wear at graduation that represents their philanthropic spirit.

Giving link for the class of 2024! Donate today!

Have questions about the Senior Class Giving Campaign or want to learn more? Send us an e-mail at jhustudentphilanthropy@jhu.edu

Why Seniors should be Donors

Donations under $25 cumulatively add up to an average of half a million dollars each year that can be put to current use by our students, staff, and faculty.

Seniors often choose to support groups, services, and causes that are the most meaningful to current students and can make the most immediate impact on someone's Hopkins experience.

As a donor and active alumnus, you now have an invested interest in the future of the university and a chance to begin building your legacy.