Student Group Resources

Student Groups are at the heart of the Bloomberg School community experience. We're here to help!

Student Assembly Constitution

The BSPH Student Assembly Constitution is our guiding document and dictates many of the guidance we provide student groups.

Student Assembly Bylaws

The BSPH Student Assembly Bylaws provide guidelines for Student Assembly functioning, particularly budget guidelines.

BSPH Student Event Calendar

Hopkins Groups has the most robust Student Events Calendar. All groups can and are strongly encouraged to host their events here.

Event & Class Schedule

view the availability of a room

Welch Library Room Booking

book a room at the Welch Library

Student Group Event & Program Fund

learn more about requesting funds for your student group event or program

Student Group Administrative Fund

learn about the administrative fund available to all groups

Funding FAQs

explore funding FAQs

Event Budget Guidelines

review guidelines for budget requests

Student Email Request Form

request an email be sent to your peers (provide 3-5 business days lead time)

SPHeed Read Request

request a feature in the SPHeed Read  (shared twice/week)

Brand Toolkit

access the BSPH brand toolkit (zoom backgrounds, fonts & colors, etc.)

BSPH Communications Workshops

explore the workshops available

Hopkins Groups Training Library

Submit a Budget Request

step-by-step tutorial for requesting group funds

Payment Request

request payment for invoice payment or reimbursement payment for approved budget request

Membership & Officers

learn how to add a member & officers

Host an Event in Hopkins Groups

coming soon - host an event in Hopkins Groups

Download Past Event Attendee List

step-by-step tutorial for downloading an RSVP, attendee, and/or check-in list for a past event your group hosted.

Update Group Website

coming soon - learn how to update your student group website within Hopkins Groups

Amazon Supply Order Request

coming soon - learn how to place an Amazon supply order request for approved budgets via the BSPH Student Affairs Amazon account.

Host a Store in Hopkins Groups

learn to create a store in Hopkins Groups as well as how to limit the access to a store to a particular group of users if needed.