Student Group Administrative Fund


All student groups officially recognized by the BPSH Student Assembly are granted a yearly administrative allowance of $150 for supplies and materials needed for the groups' operations. This amount refreshes at the end of the academic year (September 1 through June 1) and does not roll over across academic years.

These funds CAN be used to support events open to the entire BSPH student body as well as "closed" events (for example, purchasing food for a meeting or training, a token of appreciation for an end-of-year-celebration open to group members only).

Most expenses are allowable including: food/beverages, paper supplies, promotional materials, parking vouchers, printing, and software. Food and office supply orders will placed via the BSPH Student Assembly Foodify account and BSPH Office of Student Affairs Amazon account. Student Assembly also has materials and resources that student groups can freely use to support their activities including:

  • Color printer
  • Directional signage
  • Printer paper, cardstock, colored paper
  • Tableware, cups, plates, utensils, etc
  • iPads
  • Speakers and Projectors
  • Miscellaneous office supplies

If you have questions about accessing these materials or making purchases with your student group's allowance, please contact the VP of Student Groups at and Treasurer at


  • Student group must be officially recognized by BSPH Student Assembly
  • Student group officer submits request(s) for allowable expenses
  • Scholarships, in-kind donations, and monetary donations are not allowable expenses under the student group supplies fund.


Email the BSPH VP of Student Groups at and Treasurer at


Funding process overview

Become a student group officially recognized by the BSPH Student Assembly

For instructions on how to become an officially recognized student group, email the BSPH VP of Student Groups at

Request materials and supplies for purchase (under $150) and submit requests

Request payment by:
-Navigating to your group in Hopkins Groups
-Navigating to Money, then Budgeting in the left navigation
-Select "Request Payment" within "Student Group Administrative Fund"

To avoid out-of-pocket expenses:
- Use supplies and materials available in Student Assembly office
- Use the Student Assembly Foodify account for meal orders
- Use Office of Student Affairs Amazon Account for office supply purchases
- Request for vendors to provide an invoice that the BSPH will pay directly

Wait for and pick up food and supply orders; BSPH Finance staff will process invoices

Amazon supply orders are typically fulfilled within 2 weeks. Foodify meal orders will be available for the day that the student group schedules delivery. Foodify meal orders can be delivered anywhere within Baltimore. Supplies ordered can be picked up from the BSPH Office of Student Affairs, Suite E1002, T-R 9:30am-4:00pm (except for school holidays)

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