Center for Social Concern

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What is Active Citizenship?

An Active Citizen is someone who prioritizes the community in their life choices

The Center for Social Concern is part of JHU's Office of Student Affairs

The CSC works with the Office of Leadership Engagement and Experiential Development and the student-run Allocations and Recognition Commission to ensure that CSC student organizations have the support to effectively operate and engage with the Baltimore community.

Our Team

Amy Wilson Profile

Amy Wilson

Luis Sierra Moncion Profile

Luis Sierra Moncion

Markya Reed Profile

Markya Reed

Sierra Romero Profile

Sierra Romero

Professional Staff
Ian Babler-Madrid Profile

Ian Babler-Madrid

CSC ARC Commissioner
Aria Heidsiek Profile

Aria Heidsiek

CSC ARC Commissioner
Rachel Oh Profile

Rachel Oh

CSC ARC Commissioner
Rosalie Gamble Profile

Rosalie Gamble

Jasmine Blanks Jones Profile

Jasmine Blanks Jones

Diksha Iyer Profile

Diksha Iyer

CSC ARC Commissioner
Het Patel Profile

Het Patel

CSC ARC Commissioner
Joseph DiSalvo Profile

Joseph DiSalvo

Professional Staff
Julie Rivera Profile

Julie Rivera

Professional Staff
Luisa De Guzman Profile

Luisa De Guzman

Professional Staff
Kathryn Lynch Profile

Kathryn Lynch

Professional Staff
Margaret Hart Profile

Margaret Hart

Professional Staff
Ujvala Pradeep Profile

Ujvala Pradeep

CSC ARC Commissioner

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