Applying for a Supplemental Grant

Supplemental Grants at the Center for Social Concern allow student groups to access funding in addition to their semesterly budget to meet unanticipated needs or fulfill new opportunities that pop up. Grants are reviewed by ARC on a rolling basis.

Applications for Fall 2023 are CURRENTLY OPEN

What should student groups prepare?

Supplemental Grant Review Process

Apply for a Grant

Through HopkinsGroups, apply for a Grant by creating a Budget Outline of needed funds and current semesterly budget and write your Budget Narrative based on the following checklist:

1. mission statement 2. why event supports mission 3. why specific supplies are needed 4. why allocated budget cannot be used 5. date of events and expected attendees

GS Review within 2 business days

Grant Specialists (GS) confirm all necessary material has been received and that 4/5 Checklist items are met.

GS will either request a resubmission or move forward with the process

Groups can resubmit with the timeline starting from the new date of submission

ARC Review within 5 business days

ARC Commissioners anonymously review applications and GS lead a discussion of the allocation.

HopkinsGroups Updates

Application will either be rejected or accepted on HopkinsGroups

HopkinsGroups Approval

GS approve the HopkinsGroups Workflow and send feedback to student groups regarding their application.

Treasurer Finalizes Allocation

The treasurer updates the allocation amount to the budget and approves the HopkinsGroups Workflow.

CSC Staff Review and Finalize Allocation

CSC Staff review the allocation and comments and approve the HopkinsGroups Workflow.

Student Groups Access Grant within 3-4 weeks of applying

HopkinsGroups should show the allocated amount within 3-4 weeks of applying and student groups can use the amount as if they were to spend any part of their budget.