Aerial Arts Classes

Details on our Aerial Arts sessions

We partner with In the Dark Circus Arts, a Baltimore-based circus troupe specializing in the aerial circus arts, to offer weekly classes. These classes are open only to our members and take place at our off-campus practice location, Mobtown Ballroom, which features apparatus rigs, safety mats, and a lit stage for performances. Mobtown is located approximately 20-30 minutes from campus near the Inner Harbor and stadiums.

Mobtown Ballroom: 861 Washington Blvd, Baltimore, MD 21230

Participation in our Aerial Arts sessions requires commitment for one full four-week session at a time. Students must sign up on Campus Groups and pay the full session price before their first class. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer drop-ins or refunds for missed classes in our regular session. However, we try to offer free, single-day trial classes a few times a year. Make sure you are on our mailing list to hear about the next one!

For Fall 2022: We have rented Mobtown Ballroom from 2:30-4:45 each Friday. Beginner lyra takes place 2:39-3:30 PM Fridays. Mixed level silks takes place 3:45-4:45 PM.


Classes for the general public are $25/hour. We receive a discounted rate of $20/hour and use university funding to lower the cost even further. Contact the Financial Officer for current rates and scholarship programs.


We organize carpools, rideshares, and Hop Vans to transport members to and from practices. Lots of (parallel) parking available.

Time commitment

Plan one hour for each class (including warmup & cooldown), plus 30 minutes travel time both ways. Classes are held once a week except on university breaks.

Classes catered to you

We offer both introductory and advanced classes. Our members choose the apparatus(es) and we work with In the Dark to design a curriculum that keeps students engaged while building strength and working towards an optional choreographed performance.


This is a hanging circular apparatus, similar to a metal hula hoop. It's famous for spinning tricks. As a hard apparatus, it involves minimal climbing and knot-tying.

See a lyra act

Aerial Silks (aka Fabrics)

The "silks" are strong, flexible fabric which can be tied around the body to produce lots of fun shapes. They can also be climbed like ropes to add height for drops, flips, and other tricks!

See a silks act

Static Trapeze

Static trapeze skills are a cross between fabrics and lyra - it is a hard apparatus, but its flexible support ropes can also be used to make shapes. This is not the same as flying (swinging) trapeze but can build towards it.

See a trapeze act

Important Policies

These are set by our coaches at Mobtown and are non-negotiable.

COVID policies

All students must be fully vaccinated and provide their vaccine card on request. Students must also sign a COVID release form here and not come to class if they are sick. As of August 2022, masks are optional.

General waivers

You will be required to sign 1) a general liability waiver from Mobtown and 2) an In the Dark-Aerial Circus Club memorandum of understanding before participating in class. A parent will have to sign if you are under 18. (Note that these are different from the club waiver you signed when you joined.) Find them here.

Performance and teaching policies

All students wishing to perform in the spring show must be enrolled for the entire spring semester and at least one fall session. No new students will be enrolled in the spring. The spring will be all choreography, but performance is optional.

Students are not allowed to teach each other or share skills. If an instructor requests that a student not perform an activity, the student must comply. (See full list of policies)

Fall 2022- Spring 2023 Session schedule

September 9 | September 30

Session 1

Skills-focused classes. Open to all members. Options: Beginner Lyra and Mixed Level Silks

Mobtown trial day September 2nd

October 7| November 4

Session 2

Skills-focused classes. Open to all members. Options: Beginner and Mixed Level - apparatuses TBA Sept 19.

No class October 21st

November 11| December 9

Session 3

Skills-focused classes. Open to all members. Options: Beginner and Mixed Level - apparatuses TBA Oct 17.

No class November 25th

February 3| February 24

Session 4

Choreography-focused classes. Open to all members enrolled in a Fall session. If you intend to perform, this session is mandatory. Apparatuses TBA first week of February.

Mobtown trial day January 27th

March 3| March 31

Session 5

Choreography-focused classes. Open to members enrolled in Session 4. If you intend to perform, this session is mandatory. Apparatuses TBA first week of February.

No class March 24

April 7| April 28

Session 6

Choreography-focused classes. Open to members enrolled in Session 5. If you intend to perform, this session is mandatory. Apparatuses TBA first week of February.

Show date TBD

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can sign up for regular classes?

In the fall, any group member (not contacts) may sign up. This includes undergrads, grad students, staff, and faculty. In the spring, only those who were enrolled at least once in the fall may sign up. This policy is to ensure that those who wish to perform will have adequate support to do so. Trial days are always open to all members and contacts.

How much will sessions cost?

This depends largely on our current budget, and may change from session to session. The cost will be listed on the Campus Groups signup page. Session 1 is $80.

What does the club do to keep classes affordable?

In addition to our yearly allocation, we apply for grants offered by the Alumni Association, GRO, and other groups on campus. We also plan fundraisers when possible.

I can't afford the full price. What can I do?

First things first: let an officer know! They'll keep the info private, but we can't budget for discounts if we don't know they're needed. You may be able to do "work-study" - for example, working at a fundraiser table or being one of our drivers - to offset the cost of some or all of your session price. For students in dire need, we may also be able to offer "full ride" scholarships with help from the LEED office.

How can I drive others to class?

If you have your own car, let an officer know how many people you can carry and you're all set. Must be able to parallel park. If you're willing and have a license, Hop Van certification is really helpful to us. If you become certified, we can save $60 per session in Lyft fees (which means we can offer discounted class rates - you'd get first dibs!)

Where do we meet for transportation?

Typically at Mason Hall, but keep an eye on the group chat in case something changes.

What do I wear to class?

Shirts that tuck in and have sleeves (short or long) are your best bet for tops. We highly recommend pants that are cut close to your legs and cover the backs of your knees. Socks are optional but no shoes. No jewelry or watches. It's personal, but we also recommend compression undergarments because you will be upside down.

What amenities are available at Mobtown?

Mobtown has chairs, drinking water, and two all-gender bathrooms. They have heat and AC, although it can get quite humid inside. They also have mats, lights, a stage, and all the apparatuses and rigs you will use during class or a performance.