Field Trips

Field trips are generally open to all members of the JHU community, including nonmembers. Our members get first dibs on events with an attendance limit, and sometimes also a discount on tickets.

We have run several different types of field trips in the past.

Flying Trapeze

Some of our most popular field trips have been to the Flying Trapeze School New York - Washington, D.C. Absolutely no experience is required to participate and we organize group transportation. If enough people sign up, we can host a private session with other apparatuses as well (such as trampoline, spanish web, or juggling).

The school runs drop-in classes year-round and is located about 90 minutes from Baltimore, near Nationals Stadium in D.C.

Circus Shows

The club tries to organize a group trip to a professional circus show once or twice a year. Past shows have included performances by Troupe Vertigo at the Meyerhoff Symphony Hall 15 minutes from campus.

This year, we are will be attending a performance at the BSO December 10th or 11th.

Pole Training

We organized two field trips in winter 2021 to a local pole dance studio which has unfortunately now closed.

We are in the process of planning a field trip (or recurring class!) to XPose Fitness in Towson, MD. If you have timing preferences, let us know!

Gymnastics venues

Since so many of our members have a background in gymnastics and cheer, we also look into field trips to local gymnastics venues for acrobatics practice (or just for fun).