Ways to participate in the club leadership:

In addition to being able to come to any of our events, club members are also able to run for an officer position during our yearly elections or be a member of one of our planning committees!

Executive board roles


In the past this role has encompassed a majority of all the planning and operating of the club. Going forward, the positions below will take control of their respective areas of the club and work with the president to plan and operate the club. The president maintains connections and relationships with Mobtown, Homewood Arts, SGA. This role supports the other positions, especially in 2022 when this revamped executive board begins.

Financial Officer

This person will manage the budget in collaboration with the President. The work will include managing the budget section of Campus Groups, looking and applying for grants, and creating the budget in collaboration with the executive board. This role will also look for new sources of funding for the club. Organization and timeliness are important for this position. Campus Groups really isn't hard to use once you learn how:)

Communications Manager

This role will focus on continuing and expanding our presence virtually and on campus! This position is the manager of all social media, helps with internal club communication as well, and gets the word out across many platforms about club participation and upcoming performances. This person should have some strong media interest and some skill as well as be excited to reach out to other groups for collaboration and administrators on campus.

Performance Director

All the work we do in the studio needs to be seen, and we do that with performances! In the past, pre-covid, we had an annual spring show held at Mobtown. This show and any other kind of performance we do takes work and advanced preparation, so this position will work with the president and the rest of the club to initially brainstorm ideas for the performance, and then the bookings and ordering of costumes, rigging, rentals, and the details of the music, timing, and other show aspects will ultimately fall into your responsibility after club discussion. This position requires creativity and good planning skills! The president will work with the director as much as needed and desired.

Simply join the appropriate subgroup at the bottom of our Campus Groups page!

We're still recruiting and haven't set any meetings or agendas for the two committees yet.

Current officers:

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Nicoleen Willson

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Aarushi Pant

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Jackson Morris

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Bryan Ho

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Ria Thakur

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