The Aerial Circus Club x JHU Entertainers present: Cirque du Hop!

Our performance was 7:30 PM on April 29th as part of JHU's annual Spring Fair!

This show will be a must to see;

Our theme is movies and TV!

Welcome one and all to The Cirque du Hop! Get ready for fire spinning, aerial dance, and acrobatics, all to the tune of our favorite movies and TV shows!

Program of Events:

"The Good, the Bad, and the Acro": Annesha Datta, Shannon Bernier, Jennifer Tang Cabrera of the Aerial Circus Club

"Beauty and the Lyra": Danyah Al Kamis, Paula Malibran-Aguirre, Jennifer Tang Cabrera of the Aerial Circus Club

"Gotta Catch 'Em All": JHU Entertainers Club

"Stuck in the Rigging": Shannon Bernier of the Aerial Circus Club

"Hit it Out of the Park": JHU Entertainers Club

"Ratatouille": Emma Gan of the Aerial Circus Club

"Doing It All For Love": Amanda Qu, Rachel Fink, Dorothy Thompson of the Aerial Circus Club

"The Greatest Show": JHU Entertainers Club

Special thanks to Sable Stewart and Kelly Jo Stull Chartier from In the Dark Circus Arts for assistance with aerial acts, JD Carrizo for music mixing, and the LEED office and Spring Fair organizers for supporting our show!

More photos from Spring Fair