The Aerial Circus Club presents: Superheroes!

This was our last performance prior to the pandemic - we miss all our graduated members!

Intro act

Acro 2019

Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy Sync lyra act

Beast Boy solo silks act

Sync Spidersilks act

Sync X-Men silks act

Wonderwomen double trapeze act


Raven & Beast Boy doubles lyra

After-show interview

Script from the show:

Thanks for coming to the Johns Hopkins Aerial Circus Club Spring show!

-From the sea to space to fairyland, circus club has taken you on many adventures, but none will ever be as super as today.

-Today, circus club will take you to a world with heroes and villains. Some of the best live in Baltimore and there's always a story to tell.

-Oh, look! There's catwoman. I wonder what she's up to.

-Yeah, she used to be one of the best superheroes…

I Just Want to be Evil ~ solo silks (Rose)

-She's definitely up to something. I thought I saw her looking suspicious around the villain's headquarters.

-Wait, this just in. The notorious evil-doer and head villain, ________, has just been reported missing. He hasn't been seen for 3 weeks, which is long enough that we know for sure that he hasn't been plotting something. In that time the crime rate has gone down significantly and it looks like the brief era of peace is here to stay. It looks like everyone has come into the streets to celebrate. Let's go on location.

-Now that _______ is gone, everyone is celebrating being themselves and not worrying about being different.

This is Me ~ Intro (everyone)

-It looks like the disappearance of ________ has just left a power vacuum and during the celebrations, several villains started competing to see who will be the new head villian. During the celebrations Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy got up to a surprising amount amount of mischief.

- (ridiculously long list of mischief they have been causing)

-That's a lot. I don't even think that all of that was to prove that they should be the alpha villains.

-No, you're right, at least half of that was definitely just for fun. Well, what can I say? Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy are naturals.

Natural ~ Lyra Duet (Emma & Sarah)

-In another part of town, Mystique joined the villain competition by tricking Storm into taking a trip to a nice relaxing tropical island.

-That either misses the point of the villain competition or is incredibly smart from a villain standpoint because now there is one fewer hero to stop the villains and make the power vacuum larger.

-But more importantly, is that island real? Or is it just a fantasy?

Fantasy ~ Silks Duet (Siya & Paroma)

-Well now, that just taking things a little bit too far. All of the villainy has gotten out of hand.

-The superheroes have gotten together to discuss how they are going to deal with the villain's competition and keep the other citizens safe.

-They considered (possible solutions to deal with the villains that are also funny references and jokes) when some of the villains show up and crash the meeting.

-The superheroes are disheartened, but they won't give up, because heroes never quit.

In My Blood ~ Acro

-That was fun to watch.

-Hey! We're omniscient narrators. We can do that too!

-What? Not give up? Of course we won't give up.

-No, acro!

-Also, what are we not giving up on?

-In order to combat the rampant villainy, the local Amazonians have decided to (possible solution mentioned earlier).

-They are warriors who are not going to sit by idly while their world crumble around them and falls apart.

Warriors ~ Trapeze Duet (Rose & Maddie)

-Is that Beast Boy from the Teen Titans?

- Yeah, it is! It looks like he's pining after his friend and teammate, Raven. She's been kind of moody lately.

-Isn't she always moody?

-I guess so. Anyway, Beast Boy's headed to Teen Titans Tower to check on her and it looks like he might tell her how he feels before she can tell him to go away.

-If he tries now, maybe, just maybe, the could have a future together. But because of Raven's heritage it would only be if they could rewrite the stars.

Rewrite the Stars ~ Double Lyra (Michael & Emma)

-Aw. They're so cute. I hope it works out for them.

-But Raven still rejected him in the end.

-Is that really rejection, or does she actually like him back and just is afraid to show it?

-I'm sorry but that was a good friend-zoning. In other news, some of our spider-friends just got back from the spiderverse.

-And, they're missing the friends that the made in a parallel universe! I hope that they'll be ready to help with controlling and reducing the power vacuum amongst the villains.

Talia ~ Silks trio (Maddie, Savannah, Erin)

-Wow they really miss their friends. But, the villain power vacuum seems to have settled for now. I guess that now we can go back to the romantic subplot between Beast Boy and Raven.

-Yes! Beast Boy looks very disheartened, but it looks like he's planning something to try to gain Raven's affection or just tolerance.

-Let's take a closer look. Can you see what's on the paper he's been writing on?

-Yeah, it looks like the title is "title of the song Michael is using for this act"

~ Solo Silks (Michael)

-That's beautiful. I really hope it works out between them.

(loud natural disaster noise)

-What was that?

-I think that it was an earthquake!

-An earthquake in Baltimore? When has there been an earthquake in Baltimore?

-Actually, fairly recently. Do you think that a villain is behind this?

-If the villain is Mother Nature or a society that has been systematically destroying the world so we now have earthquakes in Baltimore, then yes.

-Look! Everyone, heroes and villains alike, are coming together to help rebuild the city.

-I guess that Beast Boy doesn't have to fix the villains power vacuum to impress Raven because the power vacuum is disappearing by itself.

-It's time for Baltimore to rise and have no heroes and villains, just citizens working together to make it a better place.

Rise ~ Pyramids (Everyone)

Thank you for coming, it's been a good year!