There are absolutely no physical or skill-based requirements to participate in our club. People of all abilities, ages, shapes, sizes, colors, genders, and orientations are welcome and encouraged to be a part of our Circus.

Levels of Membership

We offer two levels of membership in the club: "Members" and "Contacts".


Anyone can be a Contact in our organization! There are no requirements to become or remain a Contact. You are automatically a Contact if you have ever registered to one of our events on Campus Groups.

The benefits of being a Contact are:

  • On our email list
  • Able to attend AcroYoga practices
  • Able to register for field trips and special events (including paid special events)


In order to be an active Member, you must 1) join on Campus Groups, 2) join the club's Slack channel and update your profile, and 3) sign the club waiver on Campus Groups. You are a Member for life after completing these steps.

Note: We have set a deadline of September 15th for pre-existing members to meet these requirements and will demote people to "Contacts" if they fail to complete them. If demoted, you can rejoin at any time. You can check your progress here.

Members receive all the benefits of "Contact" level membership and also:

  • Communicate in our Slack channel for quick responses to your questions and ideas.
  • Able to register for our paid 4-week sessions at Mobtown Ballroom
  • Able to perform in our shows (if participating regularly in Mobtown or acro practice)
  • First dibs on registration to field trips and other special events with an attendance limit
  • Eligible to vote in our elections and serve on committees
  • Listed as a member on Campus Groups
  • Eligible to use our skill checklists to earn badges on Campus Groups
  • DM us on Instagram and we'll follow you back and like any of your circus content!