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For the Johns Hopkins Aerial Circus Club, the Air is a Playground

Read about us in The Johns Hopkins Magazine - Summer 2016

"Marni Epstein's feet could probably open and close a jar of peanut butter while she dangles from a tree branch and reads Shakespeare. But right now she's only asking them to help her ascend a 25-foot length of purple silk suspended from the ceiling of a converted church in Baltimore's Pigtown neighborhood. Epstein, a senior public health major at Johns Hopkins...."[Read more]

Student acrobats unite in Circus Club

Read about us in The Johns Hopkins Newsletter - April 2015

"The Johns Hopkins Circus Club was founded last year to further awareness of circus arts at Homewood and in the greater community.
Generally, the term "circus arts" refers to the practice of gymnastic-style and performance-oriented events and skills. There are pedagogical systems to categorize circus skills, including the Gurevich system, practiced in Russia, and the Hovey Burgess system...."[Read more]