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The three levels of responsibility within class councils



Each member of the class council, including the class president, is considered a member of the SGA senate. Senators must attend General Body Meetings (GBMs), participate in 1-3 committees, and work on personal initiatives. Total, this is a time commitment of 2-5+ hours per week depending on the length of GBM and the number of committees a senator is on. Remember, this doesn't include any time spent on individual initiatives, preparing for meetings or creating new legislation.

Class Council Member

Class councils are responsible for holding events that promote class unity. Most importantly, they act as a voice for the issues that affect their class most. They also communicate with the class, help the class president write regular emails, manage social media, and take care of anything else assigned to them. Class councils meet for at least 1 hour each week, plus any time spent hosting events.

Class President

The class president has a few extra responsibilities: Writing regular emails to the freshman class, meeting with the executive board and the class council advisor, and organizing the class council. That includes setting the agenda for class council meetings, delegating and assigning work to class council members, and organizing communications with other JHU affiliates.