GSA Reports

Each Year the GSA Conducts an Annual Student Survey of Graduate Students. If you have any feedback or questions please contact the current MA/PhD committee representatives.

GSA AllGrad Listservs

Please read the GSA's listerv policy before sending any emails to the available lists below!

The GSA has several listservs setup to allow you contact the student body as a whole:

  • General SOM grad student list -
  • The Events Email List ( is for student group and departmental events you would like to share.
  • The Housing Email List ( is for advertising housing or looking for roommates.
  • The Reagents Email List ( is for asking/giving lab supplies and reagents.

If you somehow became unsubscribed to any of these listservs, all four listservs can be found by searching "GSA" on the Hopkins Listserv Webpage.

Instructions for sending emails:

If you wish to send a message to any of these lists, please write your email in the exact format you would like it to be read (i.e. first person) and add in the recipient line the email address of the list you are wanting to send to. Once you click send you will get a notice from SYMPA that you message has been forwarded for moderation. If delivery has failed to SYMPA, 99% of the time it is because attachments are too large. Please condense attachments or remove if necessary. You will get another notice when your email is approved or denied.

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