Need Tax Help?

Taxes are especially difficult for graduate students. Take a look at our notes here, which should help you navigate the murky waters of the American tax code. The IRS has a Free File Program that most graduate students will be able to take advantage of to file both federal and state taxes for free.

Upcoming Financial Fitness Events!

PHutures is thrilled to invite you to their upcoming workshop series, "Building Financial Foundations for your PHuture: A Personal Finance Workshop Series for PhDs.". This series, tailored to doctoral students and postdoctoral fellows, will teach you essential financial skills, from planning your finances, making smart investments, managing debt, and negotiating contracts and salaries, to preparing for retirement. It's not just about money; this series will also help you plan your career effectively.

  1. 1

    Workshop 1: Essential Steps in Financial Planning: An Introduction

    July 19 at noon | Register Here

  2. 2

    Workshop 2: Decoding the Fundamentals of Investing

    Aug 2 at noon | Register Here

  3. 3

    Workshop 3: Strategies for Reducing and Controlling Debt

    Aug 30 at noon | Register Here

  4. 4

    Workshop 4: Art of Contract and Salary Negotiation

    Sept 20 at noon | Register Here

  5. 5

    Workshop 5: Blueprint for Successful Retirement Planning

    Oct 11 at noon | Register Here

2023 Tax Address!

As of January 11th, 2023, the GSA was able to host an accountant-led presentation and forum for the student body. The link to the recording and the slides used for the presentation section are found below. Contact information for each speaker is found in the description of the video. Find more information about filing taxes on their website, or by contacting the office directly.

The JHU Tax Office

Tax Office:
3910 Keswick Road
North Building 4th Floor
Suite N4327B
Baltimore MD 21211
Fax: 443-997-8538
Help#: 443-997-8688
Website: HERE

Office Hours:

The University Tax Office will be CLOSED to all visitors until further notice.
Wednesday: 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
Tuesday and Thursday: 2:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Financial Fitness Resources

  • Building Financial Fitness Webinars

    On January 11th, 2023, the GSA hosted an accountant-led presentation and forum for the student body with  Joe Musumeci, a CPA with YHB; Eric Arneklev with the JHU Tax Office and Deborah Johnson with the Johns Hopkins Federal Credit Union. Recording is linked above and the slide deck can be found here. Contact information for each speaker is found in the description of the video. Find more information about filing taxes on their website, or by contacting the office directly.

    The School of Public Health Student Assembly hosted Luke Pelger, Partner Experience Manager from Greenpath Financial Wellness. In this video he shares information about financial health and wellbeing, developing and sticking to a budget, managing debt, saving money, and creating an emergency fund.

    The School of Public Health Student Assembly hosted Joe Musumeci, CPA from Rowles & Company, LLP. In this video he shares general information about taxes, filing statuses, refunds vs. balances, examples of tax forms, and answers questions about taxes.

    The School of Public Health Student Assembly hosted Thad Ismart, CFP Senior Financial Planner with Baltimore Washington Financial Advisors. In this video, you can learn the basics about investing and financial planning. It's never too early to start planning. Content includes information about saving for retirement, paying off debt vs. saving, savings priorities, the stock market, and investment services/apps.

    The School of Public Health Student Assembly hosted Luke Pelger, Partner Experience Manager at Greenpath Financial Wellness. In this video student will learn about credit scores, debt to credit ratios, how to boost your credit, and how to pay off debt.

  • The JHU Office of Student Financial Services

    The JHU Student Financial Support office has curated a list of Financial Wellness resources for students! Explore topics like budgeting, money management, and how credit works. You can also check out upcoming Financial Wellness Events hosted by Student Financial Support!

    Money Basics
    Using A Bank Or Credit Union
    How Does A Checking Account Work?

    How To Build A Budget

    Strategies For Reducing Credit Card Debt
    What Can I Do To Build Mu Credit? 
    Understanding Your Credit Score

    Identity Theft
    What Can I Do To Prevent Identity Theft?

  • Family & Child Care Benefits

    JHU offers a variety of resources for families' including adoption assistance, elder care, child care benefits, and lactation support. Visit the website to learn more about student and trainee eligibility for benefits including dependent care vouchers that offer money from the university, dependent care flexible spending accounts which allow parents to set aside pre-tax dollars to help pay for care, and scholarships to three partner child care centers.

    The Backup Care program through is designed to provide sick, emergency & backup elder care or child care for any resident or postdoctoral fellow using the program. The cost of care is partially subsidized by Johns Hopkins for up to 10 placements a year. Additional unsubsidized placements are available. pre-screens qualified caregivers to help you find in-home backup emergency care for children and adults, or in-center backup care for children. To ensure you're prepared when the unexpected occurs, it is recommended that you register with Care@Work well before any need arises. Sign up now and have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have a backup plan when you need it.

    Information on university policy for paid family leave.

  • Hopkins Food Pantry

    Graduate students, trainees and other JHU affiliates are encouraged to visit the food pantry on the Homewood Campus if they are experiencing food insecurity. Before coming to the pantry, fill out the one-time intake survey. Items available include canned goods, pasta, rice, snacks, and toiletries. For information on stock, visit their Facebook page.

    Location: Office of Multicultural Affairs at 3033 N. Charles St.

    Hours of Operation: During the academic year, it is open from 6-8 pm on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and 3-5 pm on Sundays. During the summer, the hours are 9-10 am and 3-4 pm on Fridays.

    For more information: email

  • Discounts

    We have access to Hopkins Perks at Work for various discounts including travel, electronics, and restaurants. It also includes a rewards points system to further increase your buying power.

    In addition to the discounts on the Perks at Work site, we have the ability to rent cars using the Hopkins leisure rate for National and Enterprise. You can rent through Perks at Work and the discount with be automatically applied

  • External Resources

    Salt is a financial literacy resources that includes basic finances, filing taxes, budgeting, student loan payback, etc. It's a really cool resource for both beginners and those looking to set up a new budget/payback loans, and Hopkins has a subscription making the service free for students.

    IRS-hosted platform that helps in preparing for self-determined tax returns is a personal finance app for budgeting, tracking and paying bills online, and managing finances.

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