Enjoy this resource as a quiet, safe, and private space to take a personal call or zoom meeting?

Room MRB G13 is a private space intended to provide graduate students a dedicated location on campus to take telehealth appointments, confidential meetings, etc.

Instructions on how to reserve MRB G13

Guidelines for Room Usage:

  • Your request to use the space MUST be submitted AND confirmed prior to use.
  • The room can only be booked for a maximum of 1.5h consecutive hours per day.
  • The room is NOT intended to be a study or hangout space.
  • If you’re looking for a place to study or relax with friends, please utilize GSA Lounge, Welch Library, STILES Classroom, Turner Concourse, etc.
  • Be courteous to those who will use the room after you and please leave it exactly as you found it.

To access the room:

1. Enter Turner Concourse through Miller Research Building

2. To your right will be a hallway that will take you to Kennedy Krieger Institute (KKI)

3. Walk through the double doors at the end of this hallway.

4. Immediately to your right will be a door that leads into a restricted hallway. Card swipe into this restricted hallway.

5. Once you gain access to the restricted hallway, you should see two doors immediately in front of you.

6. Proceed to G13 and swipe your card for access to the private room.

7. To exit back into Turner Concourse you will need to swipe your card to return through the double doors

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