Below is a listing of the student groups at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

You can also find listings of student groups run by the
School of Public Health, the Medical students, and the Homewood campus.

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  • Biomedical Scholars Association (BSA)

    Contact: Brittni Moore (bmoore66@jh.edu)
    Website: https://bsajhmi.org/

    Info: The Biomedical Scholars Association (BSA) is the largest student organization supporting minority students in science at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, School of Public Health, and School of Nursing. The BSA engages graduate students and develops a network of support among our members through our programming in four key areas: professional development, community service, social activities, and recruitment of URM students.

  • Hopkins Biotech Network (HBN)

    Contact: Jasmin Zarb (jzarb1@jhmi.edu)
    Website: hopkinsbio.org

    Info: HBN's mission is to create a stronger biotech community which addresses the diverse interests and career aspirations of its members. We at HBN focus on critical issues in biotechnology and seek to bridge the gap between the three main stakeholders in the biotech field: industry, academia, and government. HBN serves Johns Hopkins University trainees across all campuses and disciplines, who are interested in pursuing careers in the field of biotechnology, provide networking opportunities, skills-based professional development workshops, alumni engagement, and mentoring for aspiring entrepreneurs at many levels of training. HBN connects all JHU campuses and works closely with many University and regional partners to grow our biotechnology ecosystem.

  • Johns Hopkins Science Policy Group (JHSPG)

    Contact: Ona Ambrozaite (oambroz1@jhu.edu)
    Website: https://www.jhscipolgroup.org/

    Info: We are a trainee-led advocacy organization committed to data-driven science policy that strengthens the research enterprise and safeguards public health. Our participants include graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, healthcare professionals, and faculty. We are an official chapter of the National Science Policy Network (NSPN), a non-profit organization composed of early career scientists interested in science policy, diplomacy, and advocacy.

    Check out this video on our group!

  • Johns Hopkins Swim Club

    Contact: Wesley Godfrey (wgodfre1@jh.edu
    Website: http://johnshopkinsswimclub.weebly.com

    Info: Learn to swim and do swim practices!

  • Johns Hopkins University Translational Neuroengineering Technologies Network (TNT Network)

    Contact: Mark Iskarous (iskarous@jhu.edu)
    Website: https://www.jhutnt.jh.edu/

    Info: The goal of this group is to provide an interactive network for anyone interested in the translational aspects of neuroengineering across the schools, departments, and divisions of Johns Hopkins University. Throughout the year, we organize monthly talks with invited speakers about cutting-edge research. We also hold panels on neuroethics and translational work/industry, have social events with students and faculty, and give students opportunities to present their work for the JHU Neuroengineering community throughout the year. To know about our events, follow us on social media and join the listserv (posted on the website linked above).

  • Student Mothers of Hopkins

    Contact: Brandi Glover (jhu.smoh@gmail.com)

    Info: Our mission is to support and acknowledge all students and trainees of Hopkins who are also navigating motherhood. This group was designed for any woman who considers herself a mother/caretaker/legal guardian of a dependent/s or is planning to become a mother at any time of training. There is no limit to what a mother is! If you are interested in finding a community of people who understand your daily balance of motherhood, or if you would like to create a village of women who can help you prepare for motherhood, this is the group for you! We welcome all levels of training (undergraduate, post-bac, masters, MD, Ph.D. and postdocs)!

    Instagram @jhu_smoh
    Twitter @jhu_smoh

  • Johns Hopkins Muslim Student Association (JHGMSA)

    Contact: Samir Al- Ali (salali2@jhmi.edu)
    Website: https://jhgmsa.mailchimpsites.com/

    Info: The Johns Hopkins Graduate Muslim Student Association (JHGMSA) aims to enrich the social and spiritual lives of Muslims at Johns Hopkins University. We promote interaction and communication among all students of the various graduate programs on the East Baltimore and Homewood campuses by hosting events that increase understanding, tolerance, and appreciation of cultures and religions.

    Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/jhgmsa/

  • Theoretical and Computational Neuroscience Journal Club

    Contact: Noga Mudrik (nmudrik1@jhmi.edu)

    Info:  The Neural Dynamics Journal Club takes place on Tuesdays, 3:30 pm-4:30 pm, in the Kavli Space (Clark 316) a the Homewood campus. Everyone interested in neuroscience, engineering, computer science, or any intersection between them is welcome to join! In the club, we discuss state-of-the-art papers about computational neuroscience and AI, and brainstorm on emerging challenges and potential directions in computational neuroscience research. 
    Please join the club's Slack and follow us on Twitter to stay updated. Looking forward to seeing you!

  • ReVison

    Contact: Emily Eiss (eeiss1@jhmi.edu) and Jane Nguyen (jnguye44@jhu.edu)
    Website: https://jhurevision.com/

    Info: ReVision offers free, confidential editing services to the JHU research community for manuscripts, grant applications, personal statements, and more.

  • Science In Action!

    Info: Science in Action (SiA!-JHMI) at Johns Hopkins University is a student-led organization with the goal of promoting science in Baltimore City public schools. As a group of motivated scientists-in-training, we bring hands-on science lessons and demonstrations to students to help them see just how cool science can be!

    Our group is led and powered by graduate student volunteers who want to make a difference in the lives of Baltimore City youth. From planning creative science lessons to applying for grants to further our work, we aim to spark a passion for science in the next generation of scientists.

  • Thomistic Institute

    Contact: Maria Bieberich (mbieber4@jhmi.edu)
    Website: https://thomisticinstitute.org/

    Info: The Thomistic Institute exists to promote truth in our contemporary world by strengthening the intellectual formation at universities, in Catholic the Church, and in the wider public square. The thought of St. Thomas Aquinas, the Universal Doctor of the Church, is our touchstone. TI at JHMI hosts a variety of experts to speak about pressing topics in biomedical ethics, the intersection between faith and reason, and more.

  • Project Bridge

    Contact: Anya Kim (akim129@jhmi.edu)
    Website: http://www.projbridge.org/

    Info: The mission of Project Bridge is to both foster public interest in scientific research and sharpen our volunteers' communication skills as scientists. To meet these goals, we plan two types of events: scientific outreach events and scientific communication workshops. We hold demonstration booths at local farmers markets, science cafes, and larger events such as the Baltimore Brain Fest. To promote our growth as scientists, we elevate our communication skills through workshops. To become involved please subscribe to our list-serv.

    Check out this video on our group!


    Contact: Kalen Clifton (kclifto2@jh.edu)
    Website: https://edge.bme.jhu.edu/

    Info: The primary goal of BME EDGE is to enhance career development for graduate students. Following completion of training at Johns Hopkins, graduates may become grant reviewers, entrepreneurs, data analysts, industry scientists, etc. To prepare graduate students for a diverse portfolio of career paths, the board of EDGE organizes professional development workshops, invites speakers to give career talks, and supports graduate students in pursuing internships. Everyone is welcome to attend our events that are advertised through the <allgrad@lists.johnshopkins.edu> listserv. If you have suggestions for events, please contact us via bme.edge@jh.edu.

  • Women of Whiting (WOW)

    Contact: Ellen Berry (eberry7@jhu.edu)
    Website: https://wow.students.jh.edu/

    Info: Women of Whiting (WOW) is a student organization at Johns Hopkins University composed of graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, providing women in STEM fields with community building, networking, mentorship, and professional development opportunities. Throughout the year, we organize monthly social and professional- development events with our biggest event being the Women in STEM symposium held in the spring. If you are interested in joining WOW, please email us at jhu.wow@gmail.com to join our mailing list.

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