We at the GSA are excited to have you join the Hopkins graduate student body and are greatly looking forward to getting to know you and serving you to the best of our ability

Below we have tailored a list of some important information/resources that we think will help you get started on your journey as a fledgling graduate student!

1. Choosing an Advisor

When choosing a thesis lab or looking for rotation advisors, there are a number of things to consider when trying to find the best fit.
We have generated a comprehensive list of questions to help guide you on making the best, most informed decision on how to choose your thesis advisor.

2. Faculty Listing

The SOM has a list of Faculty Researchers that you can search through, just click the Search Button for a full listing!

Alternatively, you can search for your Program Specific Faculty Members:

3. Your Health Care

We invite you to browse through the following pages to explore your health care options at Johns Hopkins. You can find links to important information such as mental health resources, Hopkins MyChart, your Health Insurance Plan and more!

4. Orientation Resources (current from 2018)

5. Other

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