The GSA Council, which is composed of the Executive Board and the Program Representatives, governs the GSA and votes to approve decisions of the Executive Board.

The Executive Board, in charge of proposing policies, allocating funds, and making recommendations to upper administration, consists of 8 members: President, President-Elect, Vice President of General Affairs, Vice President of Finance, Vice President of Public Relations, Vice President of Events, Vice President of Policy and Programming, and Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion. You can learn more about each of your Executive below! The Program Representatives consist of one student from every department/program within the School of Medicine.



Taylor Evans (she/her)


Hometown: Baltimore, MD
Program: 5th Year, Cellular and Molecular Medicine
Favorite thing about Baltimore: "The creative class! There are so many innovative and talented creatives in Baltimore, and it's amazing to see how they tell Baltimore's stories through their mediums."



Rodney Williams (he/him)


Hometown: Memphis, TN
Program: 2nd Year, Neuroscience
Favorite thing about Baltimore:  "I really enjoy all of Baltimore urban parks, such as, Druid Hill Park and Patterson Park"


Vice President of General Affairs

Juliane Liberto (she/her)


Hometown: Escondido, CA
Program: 4th Year, Cellular and Molecular Medicine
Favorite thing about Baltimore: "Baltimore truly lives up to its Charm City name! For me little things like the original cobblestones in Fells Point, the Winter lights on 34th street, or the collective love of Old Bay, crabs and the state flag all make Baltimore a unique and fun place to live"


Vice President of Finance

Estefan Santi (he/him)


Hometown: Lyndhurst, NJ
Program: 2nd Year, Human Genetics
Favorite thing about Baltimore: "Baltimore takes a minute to warm up to you, but once it does, it's an overall good time. I'm a big fan of the festivals and markets that pop up around the city in addition to the sports scene in the nearby parks."


Vice President of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Nicole Pannullo (she/her)


Hometown: Long Island, NY
Program: 4th Year, Cellular and Molecular Medicine
Favorite thing about Baltimore: "I love how dog-friendly Baltimore is! Mine love getting ice cream with me after a stroll in Patterson Park. Many of my classmates have gotten dogs too so we get to have lots of puppy playdates!"


Vice President of Events

Mark Allen Jacob (he/him)


Hometown: Honolulu, HI
Program: 3rd Year, Pharmacology and Molecular Sciences
Favorite thing about Baltimore: "Cheaper housing than California lol. Needs less brick though."


Vice President of Policy & Programing

Courtney Ranice Brendal  (she/her)


Hometown: Bartlesville, OK
Program: 2nd Year, Medical and Biological Illustration
Favorite thing about Baltimore: "My favorite thing about Baltimore is the JFX farmers market (the one under the overpass)! I love getting fresh produce and seeing the art vendors there"


Vice President of Public Relations

Eleana Parajon (she/her)


Hometown: Miami, FL
Program: 3rd Year, Cellular and Molecular Medicine
Favorite thing about Baltimore: "My favorite thing about Baltimore is the variety of restaurants. I love that I can be in the City but also be able to do outdoor activities."


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