Besides the internal GSA Committees, the GSA provides representation for the graduate student body at multiple levels of the Johns Hopkins University institutions.

These committees are an important way to convey students concerns and are a great opportunity for current students to gain experience. If you have a question that pertains to a committee, you may reach out to the student representative.

If any position is open, we encourage you to contact the current GSA President about the position.

Committee Representative Email Additional Information
Alumni Representative Rodney Williams Link
Doctor of Philosophy Board Rodney Williams Link
Faculty Senate Representative Rodney Williams Link
Institute for Excellence in Education Board (IEE) Rodney Williams Link
MA/PhD Committee Rep #1 Rodney Williams Link
MA/PhD Committee Rep #2 Scarlett Ge Link
Disability Inclusion Advisory Committee Open contact Dr. Peter Espenshade Link
Student Advisory Committee for Public Safety Open contact Dr. Branville Bard Link
Cross Institutional Student Advisory Committee Ashely Chen Link
Provost Advisory Team on Healthcare Juliane Liberto Link
PhD Student Advisory Committee Rodney Williams Link
Welch Library Advisory Council Estefan Santi Link
The JHSAP Student Representative Committee (SRC) Open contact Link (additional info)
Student Health Committee Rep #1 Juliane Liberto Link
Student Health Committee Rep #2 Open Contact GSA Eboard Link

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